Scandagiri.... the Unusual trekk.~~~

"This trek is dedicated to Nikki... Between the clouds, i shall remember Nikki and Nikki only...." was the last SMS that i sent to my friend before starting my trip.! Who is Nikki ? How would that matter anyway, We were going trekking, while few of my friends were watching Ghajini at forum, I preffered trekking over Ghajini. What so exciting about the trek? Me, being a little overweight, may lose few pounds and I was said, the clouds would be covering you early in the morning and you would not be able to see the person even standing beside you., that sounded great..!! 7.40 pm and Hari still nagging me, "Chal oyyee.. chalte hai.." Arre dost... "Raat mein trekking ki baat hue thi..., abb se nagg kyo karr raha hai..." I replied... "Tu dekh, waha pahuchte pahuchte.... raat kaafi ho jayegi..." he answered back.. But dude, it was only a 60 Kms drive from here, which means, the max it would go about is for one and half hour and stop over for dinner would be another 45 mins max., But comeon, stop being lazy and get ready to move.!!

Clock struck 8.20 pm, I'm geared up, My jogging shoes, my trekking bagpack with a torch, a blanket, hari's sweater, few first aid and BRANDY (i was told that its going to be freezing cold in the morning and hence, i had to keep myself warm), If brandy, then why not some snacks to keep company with ? Finally, a heavy looking bagback on mine and hari's even bigger than mine, started our ride from Indira Nagar, Bangalore, sorry Bengaluru....!

The destination was Chikballapur, beside Doddaballapur (chik means small and dodda means big), the same as the difference between Nano and the truck maybe! This route wasn't familiar to me, but had been on that road a couple of times, when going to the Sri Satya Sai Ashram, Puttaparthi, AP. My observance was finally being paid, as i always used to take the window seat on those bus rides and had noted the places. This was my first long ride, a 60-65 kms ride, pretty small when comparing to the big ones that my friends had been without asking me for a ride and i forgive them :-), The first few minutes of the ride was boring with the usual Bengaluru traffic and the honks. Within few minutes, We were on the new airport road!, Devanahalli was trying to cope up with the publicity that it was getting off late because of the new airport than it had been the old little village few years back.

The best of all, the road had no potholes, very smooth and luckily found few signals. The bike was constantly running on 80-90 Kms/hr, It was low by bikers standard, but not as per my bike. That was the maximum that it was offering me. With many vechiles buzzing past me, it looked like, there were almost pointing a thumbs down on me.., "Saalo... mera bhi din ayega..., jabb mein Yamaha R15 loonga.., tabb dikaato hoon, speed kya hai..." Wish this doesn't just remain a dream, Recession bhi tho chal raha hai.....

Dhinu!!, Rubbing his eyes.., 9.20pm ho gaya.... pet pooja karr le ? Theek hai... Screech as soon as we seen the board.. "Friend's Dhaba". "Hari., I think we shouldn't have a heavy dinner, We are supposed to be trekking in an hour..., isn't it ?", I asked... "No..., You moron, You're gonna trek for quite long, dont you think you need to eat well ? " Not a bad idea, so why not go along with a beer too..., Takaan mehsoos nahi hogi...., Great, so the order was 1 Kingfisher Strong, Mushroom Kadai, Dal Fry, 2 Rotis each and 1 steam rice... Ek dum tagda... :-). We gulped down the beer so immediately that hari was itching for the 2nd. I stopped him saying, "Saale... Brandy muje akela peena padega kya ?" It was only about few kms away from the Dhaba that the airport was., we could hear and see the aeroplanes landing and taking off from the newly built international airport.... Hari wanted to try his hands on how best he could get with photography and tried clicking as many pics as he could while the planes landed., but at the end of it all, I wasn't sure, if he has clicked the landing or the take off.....!!

Back to the ride, Many a places, there were "Take Diversions.., Work in progress..., Go slow.." Boards, which reminded me of slow internet connections when downloading the best of movies., Obstacles tho part of human life hai..., Kaha nahi hoti hai.., However, rode for another 45 mins, at times, hari's head hitting my back and it made me ask him, " Abbe Moron, Tu beer peeke, bike pe baita so raha hai ? " for which he replied, " Nahi.. Dust ke against, apna face cover karr raha tha.... " so it be.... Varna we are close to saying a hello to nurses... Woh bhi koi village waali hospital ki... We finally were about to hit the destination, With not much of people around and few open shops and a little bit of enquiry, we got to know the Scandagiri..... Just came across one board on the way which read.... " Scandagiri... The mountaineering Expedation", "Oh, We've not lost way for sure...", i told hari. An Old temple and end of the village is where this mountain started...

My bike just warned me "RESERVE" as we were few metres away from the foot of the trekking mountain. We were the first ones to reach the trekking spot at around 10.30 pm. None of them insight, except few people, who called themselves guides. "Shayad, Off season hai......" The people around did wrap a shawl from head to toe. We bargained for Rs. 100 for him to help us reach to the top most point of the Scandagiri mountain. The first 10 mins was a walk on a muddy road, thankfully it hasn't rained off late and was just about dusty. Hari in the meantime had his camera adjusted and "Click" position already to shoot anything intresting, I was amused..., what the hell is he going to shoot in this dark night ?... " Mere Camera mein flash hai...." God, yeh koi 5G camera hoga.... He clicked a lot of them on the way, Most without knowing, what he was clicking!! Thankfully, The mobile still had range and so thought, incase we need help, we would be having a cell atleast to reach people.! "Beep Beep..." My cell beeped while we were trying to catch up with our guide... the SMS read.. " Nikki has approved you as a potential groom.." abb yeh potential waali baat hai..... so I can't really let you know what happend next., but however, can't even hold much from you as i am quite in need of a fan club following me... I replied.., " Please respond when she is in "drawing semi circle with her toe" term.., We can fix up the " Penne Kaanal chadenge...!!" Thats when the groom officially goes to see the gal for the first time (As per customs in kerala).

"Keep up pace with him... or we would lose way..." Hari yelled.... I finished the SMS and kept walking to catch up with the rest. Almost a kilometre into the mountain, It was surrounded with bushes and plants, luckily nothing that was thirsty of human blood was around. Few more metres up and it was just rocky, and one had to really take big steps to climb the mountain. I had already had a big tummy with the amount of beer and food that we ate, Gosh, why the hell did i eat so much.., why did i ever listen to this stupid hari... Every 10 mins, I would yell...., Rest for 5 mins pls.., the guide used to be like, Sir... Please walk for 2 more mins and there are rocks to sit on which are cleaner than the mud., I had to trust his words in the light of torch and short of stamina by every bit. In between, I managed to post few sms's like "Trekking is terrible...", "I think am dead....", During the rest on the rocks, some 2.5 - 3 kms into the trek...." Lying on the rock, completely sweating, I called my friend... " Tu muje raat ke 12 baje phone karr raha hai..... mein tho bass sone jaa rahi thi.... " The phone answered... "God, I'm dead meat yaar...." I never thought trekking would be so difficult... " I expelled..... "Stop saying that..., I hate when guys use such words.. Anyways, I wont be of any help to you my dear friend....., I hope you make it to the day tomorrow...." and the call was hung up!! All I asked was for a little sympathy or rather empathy.., So did i realise once again... "Whatever comes, at the end of it all,... You are alone"
With almost hitting the top of the mountain, and i asked our guide for the last break, he said, sir just 2 more mins and you will be on the top, and guess what.., There is a setup hotel on friday and saturdays at the top of the mountain..., "Oh cool.., They are going the mallu way..., I murmured (No wonder.., i was in no position to talk as well)." It was 1.20 am and as windy as it could be..... we were at an open place., having hardly anything to hide yourself under/behind/above/anywhere. We were welcomed by a strong hot tea that those setup hotel had, Hari had an omlette, while i was still trying to hold my breath together. I just need some water to drink..., thats all i want at the moment. Luckily we had wrapped our brandy bottles in newspapers, which turned out to be our make up mattress, on which i lied down for almost an hour!! I slept off snoring to glory, without taking a note of the place that i was in!, very soon, i heard noises where a gang of 10-12 made in, They were the 2nd group to the mountain top after us and all of them had powerful flash lights and was using it like a little child would play with a new toy that they found. "Wholesale mein torch lene gaya tha kya woh log...", I asked Hari.... "Hmm... tu yeh kyon nahi bolega.., woh logo ne tuje neend se jo jagaya....." he replied. " Yaar... yeh sunrise kabb hoga...., aur kitne ghante baaki hai...." I enquired..., " Enjoy the chill buddy..., its only 3.20 am.... another two and half hours to go...." tho hari.... lets start off.... Brandy would be feeling lonely yaar.... " Lets go for it.... " hari said.. Hmm.. No paper/plastic glasses... so what do you want me to do ? Mix water into Brandy or Brandy into water ?? (thanks to our doodh walla bhaiyya..., have learned the importance of milavat...) I said... neither of the two., I wish to have it raw... ON THE ROCKS... Felt great...., It was as if we ate a fire ball, that it went down from the chest to the stomach and soon followed it up with the lays that we had carried in our bagpacks.. :-)

You get to know the value of slow moving time incase you are waiting for something., That morning was no different, I was badly badly waiting for a sunrise so that we could see the clouds all over us and i wanted to know how it feels to be between clouds, and can i be only thinking of Nikki and Nikki ( As i had SMSed someone that it would be only her....), but ain't that a big ask... so many beautiful gals around and can i just stick to thinking someone whom i had just seen over an MMS and exchanged only about 4 sentences ? Whatever it may be.... the time had to be spent, When i checked around, I found many people sleeping at each and every corner of the temple, few of them had made camp fires and sat around between them joking, boosing, singing and almost every possible thing to entertain themselves. The gang of 10-12 which had come after us found way into the temple for some shelter as well. They were medical students and were coming from Mysore and were originally from Delhi. It was soothing to hear the Delhi hindi, after being used to the hyderabadi hindi that people speak at bangalore with all the south indian accent..

They were emoting the news reporters and the way they lose communication in between to come back and forth and it was really exciting, atleast that was something that i could keep my eyes on to murder time till sun showed up... Finally it started getting brighter.... although the sun had really now come up., I observed a little by little that the little town which was visible from the moutain was losing the street light one by one. The much awaited guest came up, but with lots of stuff missing...., yes, there were no clouds formed... It was a little foggy, which we usually find even in the streets of Bangalore on a chill morning. Be it a terrorist attack or a Free ride to the zoo., we Indians adapt too quickly with conditions. (only the cricket team dont to the bouncy pitch), I was grumbling inside me for seeing no clouds, but was making myself happy that i seen the sunrise much more clearly. I grumbled and thought about a little fact.., the beach at chennai was as close as 5 kms away from where i was put up, and even then never made an effort to wake up at 6.30 in the morning and be there to see the sun rise over Bay of Bengal, Which would be much more clearer than the trek in the midnight!! Be it so.., I would have to now travel down like the way i climbed up.. Climbing down was relatively easier than climbing up, but was getting tensed when i seen the view from the top to see tiny people at the bottom of the mountain..., gosh i would have to walk that long and the trek below did not seem to be ending itself !, A one and half hour down treak and we found close to the muddy track, on the way i greeted few trekkers by morning to have a good luck with the sun and cloud and be there to see anything that they desired!! Few thanked, few carried on, Few on the way asked, How long do we have to trek.., and i never used to tell them if they were half way up or quarter way up, just used to smile at them and say " You have little more to do..., All the best buddy..."

Down at the bottom, we were welcomed by our ancestors, trying to do what they do best...., I was afraid to click them as they would try to snatch the camera and moreover hari's camera was with a "Flash". On the way i said hari..."dude, this was the trek of a lifetime, I never want to be here again...", "Whats the height of the mountain ?" I asked.. "3 Kms Vertically.... he replied... but, we walked for 8 kms to reach the top for that 3 km vertical mountain..." " W H A T T T T T T T T ?????.... Had you told me about this in Bangalore, I would have never come..." I felt i was cheated, but i really wasn't... He had just hidden the truth from me, but never lied... Next came a "Tender Coconut Seller", He was having a business of his life.., I was wondering, does he need license to sell coconut water, after all thats the only water on earth in which frogs must have not peed..

We both finished one round with the coconut water and Hari insisted on having the next one, I denied. I went to pull up the bike and this is what i see..... someone has torn the bike cover and removed the air of the front tyre. "Shits...., who the hell on this earth is so mean to do this... " It was just not my bike, but all the bikes in the front row., When enquired with the local people, it seems that the area where we kept our bike is a "NO PARKING ZONE", but there was never a board stating it. So there were many bikes and few cars which was the early morning victim... Had no choice, than to find the nearest tyre repair shop and fill some air... and moreover had to find out a petrol bunk as the bike had already warned "Reserve" last night. In a matter of 10 minutes of ride, managed to find a petrol bunk, also filled some air in the front tyre and was set to ride back to Bengaluru... Once again, an amazing ride back to Bangalore, This time instead under the moonlight, it was in the bright daylight.

Dont know how did i reach bangalore, But just had one break for breakfast and i was home by 11.50am dropping hari somewhere close to his place! After a long shower, I and bed stuck on for hours and hours. A sunday was wasted on the bed... But i feel a little sorry for Nikki..., I could not just remember NIKKI and NIKKI only, thats partially because there was no Cloud...

Till Next time,
Lost of Luv, Dhinu!

Ruby Tuesday... Part I

Seems too good for a title.. isn't it ?, Ruby is my lappy, the place where am drafting this blog. she is ruby red in color and hence decided to call her RUBY! I only think about Kingfisher Airhostess when i think about RUBY and the color RED! Incase if you were west, You can always relate "Ruby Tuesday" to a restaurant, but am not gonna discuss the cusines and the restaurant here, but relate it to a day (today) when almost everything went wrong.

Hows the idea of waking up at 4.15 am on cold December morning, and that too at a place like Bangalore, which is much cooler than other parts of south india...(For few at my chennai office mates, i did wake up at 4.15 and i am now a days at office by 8.30 am) I'd no option than to wake up as i had to drop my mom @ the railway station to board a train @ 6.15 am.
The day as always wanted mom to put a little bit of extra effort to wake me up and early morning exercise of carrying some luggage from the 3rd floor to the ground. After some of mouth exercise (naah naughty..,. dont think much), i could get the cab guy to pick us by 5.20 am!!. Early morning or late evening, doesn't bother mom much to give all those gyaan about saving some money, be a good child, wipe your head after shower, sleep and wake up early, pray regularly and so on and so forth (guess, mom said it for the nth time, but she still had the curiousness of a first time advisor), Finally, 5.50 am and we reached the railway station and picked her wallet to reach for her train ticket. She usually puts all of her valuables in her wallet and she sticks it as an iron to a magnet, but the culprit was me this time!.

I opened her wallet, picked the ticket to check the coach number and left the wallet unattended, somehow it slipped down and both of us did not notice. Once we reached the coach did we realise that, the tickets are with us, but not the wallet. I asked mom, "Are you playing some games with me so early in the morning ? ", She said, "Naah..., I really dont have the wallet". I immediately rushed to the place where we sat to pull the ticket out, but in vain, Can there be a good heavy looking wallet left unattended. It was all in vain, I told mom... "I THINK I LOST IT"., mom was stunned for a moment, it was the first time she was losing valuables and it was because of her only son. I did not give up, I tried calling my mom's cell and they were unanswered. Finally, sent an SMS saying, this is my mom's cell and please return the wallet and cell (with absolutely no hopes). The person who picked the phone, did not know English or Hindi, with few kannada and tamil words that i knew, i managed to tell him the place where i was standing (I dont know how do you say Platform No. 2 in Kannada and Tamil, but for sure, i said that in English and he did understand). I told mom, i think we'll get it back, If not, on the way, i've to report this to the cops before i leave for home. I waited till the train left and 5 more mins after that, but did not see anyone coming around to the said place. When i tried calling mom's cell again, i heard that the cell was switched off.... , "Bas****, not only did he run away with the cell and wallet, but also did he waste some time and energy making me wait.... ".

The train left me alone without mom and it left me in much more deeper shit of running around the cops to file a FIR at as early as 6.20 am. Gosh, i didn't have a clue as to these guys would really be in their senses from yesterday's hangover... However, i'd no much choice than to go for it.

I had taken mom's co-passenger's no and told the person that i may call him to get mom, incase i need something urgently..., Back to the entrance of the station and in hunt for the RPF's (Railway Police Force) office., One of the cops told me that its on Platform No. 6 and I reached for it within no time. I found a lady sweeping and 2 policemen on duty. I was praying within myself, God, I really wish you speak to them in kannada, I just know few words in kannada and wonder how could i form sentences and even if i did form them, would it mean something that i did not mean to say ? however, he seen me searching for words (hmm... those were not found fallen on the ground) and came up and asked me.. "Kya hua.. Kya baat hai..." I seighed relief, Huh, i can speak in hindi here and explained the entire situation to him. He made me accept that it wasn't stolen, but it was missed and I accepted it. He asked me to write a complaint in the missing register., It got me thinking (Can moron's think too ?? ), Coz, the column that was filled just above me, had a person's name and address and the book read, "Missing Register..." Would these cops maintain same register for Missing person and a missing wallet + cell ? I had absolutely no hopes that cops would find it out for me and my mom would be once again lucky to be getting a brand new cell.

However, All what had to be done formally had been done. All i can do is now, go home and bang my head for being so silly to lose mom's never lost wallet and her last birthday gift, which was a cell. I made sure i called up the mobile provider to block the outgoing calls atleast. Just 6.30 am in the morning and already lost more than 5K. Not a bad start for the morning..... I never knew what was up in the later part of the morning and early noon., except for the weather being a little gloomy and cloudy. All in all a great day to laze around.

I reached home, sat down with the newspaper and just about to start to office when my friend calls me up saying., "hey.., have you lost your cell...?? Huh... Had i lost my cell, how the hell would you be speaking to me ? Nevertheless, i lost my mom's cell and wallet...." I replied. "A guy called me from the railway station saying, he has found your mom's wallet and cell...." and he wants you to collect it... I was excited and immediately started off to the railway station once again...., Soon after that i also receive a call from my sister saying, someone had called her up and said, mom's cell and purse is with him, but the only thing is, the guy only speaks Kannada... I asked her, " how did you know it was kannada.... It could have been Telugu too... As it is, you dont know both of these languages... do you ?" She was like.... " Poda.... ninte orru valicha tamasha.....(you and your silly jokes)"

Ruby Tuesday - Part II

Reached the railway station, I rode as if i was on a horseback chased by pride! Usually, it (pride) comes before a fall and i rode like i was about to fall, 9.50 am and i am at the railway station once again, All the dust and remains were visible on my jacket., Scieniest could have picked up samples from my jacket to know which side of Bangalore is most polluted as it had dust particles from different parts and roads of Bangalore. Now, the only thing that was bothering was me not knowing kannada and those guys not knowing english or hindi. The challenge was to get my friend Sajith as and when needed, now our man, is not all that good in kannada as well, he and i joined the same office on the same date and has been in Bangalore for almost the same number of years that i was, but the difference was, he never went out of bangalore and i'd been pushed by my company to different places at different times. Now, to let this person(the wallet finder) know that i have reached the railway station..... I called him...., and some voices expelled from my phone.. Seemed like greek and latin to me, but i'd heard them before in local buses and markets..... I did not have much clue to what he was talking about and hence asked sachu to interpret it for me.., he did and he said, worry not, those guys would come in search of you and they did... The person who came had accompanied him with a hindi speaking person.. :-) Now that was a spread of cheese on the bread, I could communicate with much ease. He(the stall guy) told me that the person who found your mom's wallet isn't us, That guy(A Coolie) is on work and he said, he would be coming to our Railway Stall shortly.

Those guys asked me to park the bike and wait for him. Ruby Tuesday was supposed to be much brighter and amusing....., and this is how it got bright., I went to the parking lot, very soon a traffic police followed me and he was expecting to get some perks from me as it was an outside state vehicle. The bike that i was riding was holding a KL registeration and not many people do come here and pay the road taxes and stuff, Baiju, I thank you for this... :-) The traffic (tereffic) cop seen the bike papers and said, i was good to go, but guess what, I had locked the bike and left the keys on the bike itself.

Without taking a notice of this, I went to the railway stall, where this guy was waiting for me. He(The stall guys) asked me whereabouts to know if it was really me who was calling him up and he was quite satisfied by seeing all calls that i made to mom's cell and also the SMS that i sent to mom's cell saying that i am this cell owner's son... He asked me what was the amount present in the cash and mom had told me the amount and that confirmed that i was the right owner :-). I also tried enquiring about why did he switch the mobile off when i called in the morning and decided to meet at Platform No. 2. for which the stall guy replied, this person does not know to operate a mobile and he pressed some button on the cell, which made it go off.He soon exchanged the wallet and asked me to check for all the belongings and i checked them, it was all intact. I offered the guy Rs.200 and the stall guy a Rs.100. Initially the person who found mom's purse refused to take money from me, I insisted and forced him and he did accept, but the stall person refused., he says, that was fine and maybe some other day, somoeone for sure would help him. I was shocked for a moment.. You cannot really expect people like them to speak Tongue like this, however, I had just judged the cover by the book, and i was absolutely wrong. I told a very very big "Thank you" to both of them and left to reach the place where i had parked my vehicle and the keys.., god.., it was still stuck on the bike itself. It was just about 10 mins and the bike with the keys totally left unattended. Dumbstruck, I knew there's something wrong in/with me. I looked up in despair, is it really me who is doing all this ? By this time, I'd made sure to inform mom through the co-passenger's no, my sister, my friend and grandma that i got the wallet and cell back. Granny(Anu.. its not you) always stuck to what she does best., I knew DEVI would find it out for me as i'd put a coin blessed by DEVI unknowingly into mom's purse. Great..., so that does work, atleast to keep granny's belief intact.. :-)

I got back home and now, i needed a shower, to somewhat start fresh to office., by the time, i reached home, i found my bed totally empty and inviting, I thought of lying down for a while before i go for shower., I was tired to the core., i did keep my project lead informed about all that was happening and what was keeping me away from coming to office at 8.30 am in the morning.

However, it was time for much much brighter side of the RUBY TUESDAY, atleast now, there wont be much errors and the rest of the day atleast wont have any surprises. Soon after the shower, when i checked the time, it was already 12.20 pm., a good time to have lunch and go to sleep, but had to make it to the office. So, once again, I started off and once again...., on the KL registered bike. It had just been a couple of metres that i started the bike and just 3-4 feet away from the place that i was riding, did a dry coconut fall down., It just took me by surprise when people were all staring at me., some thought that it was me who fell down from the bike and then found that i had been riding okay.

For a moment i thought....., has it got some hidden message for me ? Is it omen saying, Dhinu, you're time is up ? I moved out from there and few people came rushing for the coconut (god knows... what would they do with a dried coconut). However, after a full meal lunch, manged to reach office, a great achievement i thought.... after the way the morning turned out to be. I was trying to keep my eyes as open as i could.., luckily not many eyes caught me dosing, although my collegues did. "We know how the day has been so far for you..." said one., I grinned... I did not know how did i spend 2 1/2 hours, when i checked the clock, It was finally time for Tea, and i went upto the cafe guy and told him., "Swalpa Strong Tea aaki" (please make it strong)... He did.., By the end of tea, i was a little refreshed...... Not last but the least, I managed to complete 1 of the 8 assignment that was left over for me!!!

Would I really like to remember this day ? or should i forget it ? I think i will rather remember it for someone not going away with my bike keys stuck onto the bike for almost 10 minutes, totally unattended and for finding couple of sincere people who did return my mom's wallet and cell. :-)

Last of them all, I kept going on and on with the blog, till the timestamp on the right hand bottom of my computer screen reads.... 11.43 pm..., Good night people.., thank you for hearing me out till here.., But truely, this was a RUBY TUESDAY!

Lost of Luv, Dhinu!

A new india awakens....

My heart reaches out those effected in the terror attacks, It was really disappointing to see whatever we seen last week on our television sets. A new India is awakening. We have forwarded so many mails regarding the terrorist attacks and also a salute to the brave heroes who lost their lives in the attacks.

I found people grumbling at the politicians, yet none really coming forward to step into their shoes, can i make a difference ? I hope lighting a candle becomes more than a fashion statement and the youth of today really able to take it from here. Nevertheless, all thanks to Mr. Rakyesh Mehra for gifiting us with "Rang De Basanti", atleast there is a new way of acknowledging the authorities.

I am happy that India is using Internet as a medium to spread out messages. I felt i too was getting responsible to know about 49-O and go for negative votes. I feel every job has a responsibility and has to be reviewed and commented from time to time (like ours are)., so why not politics and the politicians ?

Why not do this to improve our country...
1) We wish not to be governed by people who are not even capable of standing by themselves. In short draw a straight line, 58 is the retirement age and 58 it is.....
2) Those appearing as candidates for politics need to pass out least graduation (thats must for almost all the jobs that you see)
3) Married people should be avoided with these posts...., i believe that greed comes when you have a family behind you and you want your sons and daughters to be at IIM and IITs. (although not mandatory..)
4) Have agencies keeping tracks and performance of all our NETAS, like surveying customers has been outsourced to agencies, who could do a gap analysis and thus help us improve each day.
I had read enough chat transcript and news on various portals to keep updated about what was going on in mumbai the entire of last week. It was just a pain to watch the Taj burning. Few years back, my office was at the parallel road to Taj and had always been in and around for atleast a short walk there. Like every civilian, i too want to be protected and also ensure that my near ones are protected.

I am truely upset about the way the commandos had been treated, not that i was against the cricketers getting a luxury buses., but our government could have been better in this case. The escape way for all those responsible was hand over their resignations and I WALK OFF CLEAN HANDED....!!

All of what i said above, looks good on papers and internet, But all of it takes time to transform! "Charity Begins at home" and thus, go ahead, lets make a difference a small way, Just be socially responsible, Each step a day, I wont unnecessarily honk when on roads and possibly not jump signals or i wont spit on the roads!

Thats pretty much for a beginning and if each of us think and make way for these small stuff and also warn the people who are doing this infront of us, we can sure make this little place a better one to live in!!

It was too much of gyaan i suppose..., but i coudn't stop writing it....

Proud Indian!!

When the magician's magic failed...

The only thing passing through your mind would have been, when did this moron learn magic and if so, where did he learn it from ? I know a little bit of magic, but it only works with my 4 yrs old niece and i make hers work with me :-) (A very mutual understanding..., u see)

I was just getting back to my old days. My face hadn't just had a slightest of glow when i received a mail from the football team co-ordinator, asking me to come for the practise session at our office ground last saturday. It was something that i was going to try after 10 yrs... Yeap, 10 long years.. So much changed within the last 10 years, right from being a rough guy to being a delicate soul and ya, not to mention a little weight that i put (Esp on the tummy).

I warned my friends, guys, you may feel some trembling early on saturday morning, dont mind, its just me going to kick the football as if it was your butt. The wait was really long..., The mail came on tuesday and had to wait uptill saturday. Tell you what, it was more curious than waiting for a date. I remember those old days where i spent hours on the football field and reached skool after the recess and then dosed off due to the heavy practise that we had. I knew i never could be like that, and you see Magic once learnt can't be forgotten.

I did not even put a habit to walking off late and then, you are gonna ask me to run for about 90 mins, Isn't it asking too much from a little soul ? However, that was a challenge to be faced, and more merrily, I was looking forward to be a part of one of the corporate team.
The preparation was awesome, Just the previous day, i remembered that i had no shorts, no jersey, no boots and no stockings... Like always, asked for the nearest sports shop and with the help of (woh ads waali aunty) helped me locate one as close as 1 km from my office and i made sure that i went upto everyone's desk to let them know that i was going to purchase a football boot.

Hmm... Nothing like expecting a contribution from them, but wanted to let everyone know WHAT I WAS.... Yes, I was upto self praise (even after knowing that its never worth). I of course expected questions from my collegues, Dhinu, do you play football too ? for which i would have replied, Dude, maybe u didn't know, but i was a state level football player when i was in skool! That would have caught them with their mouth wide open and few fatsos even with water oozing from their mouth.

Finally, I was there, I picked a studs of my choice, a jersey, black stockings and a short too... and headed back home. On the way, i went to meet a friend and seen many books lying with him, asked him if i could borrow them, he said.... All yours buddy!!, That was sweet of him, Had a light dinner and i was on my bed by 10 pm, thinking that i've to sleep early as i've to start off to the ground by 6.30am which would be a good 22-25 kms ride early morning. The book was really intresting and did not know how time flew off, When checked the clock for the time, It was 1.40am. Oh shits.., Can i make it to the ground tomorrow with less than 6 hrs of sleep ? I did not want to be like my friends who wanted to go for a vacation as soon as they get a job. No matter what, I SHALL GO!! and went off to sleep....

My alarm tried waking me at 6am... Snooze was pressed as soon as it rang. 6.05am..., Snoozed again, I could barely open my eyes to see it was 6.05 am... Am sleeping for 5 more mins and its the last 5 mins of my sleep this morning..., 6.10, the alarm goes off again, I whole heartedly thank Nokia, that untill you put it off, it keeps buzzing every 5 mins. This time, i woke up, put the fan off and lied again..... Finally it was 6.20 am and I was finally up!! I knew i wont be able to do much in the morning with packing, so had my bag ready the previous night.

I was all set to go by 6.40 and I drove like i was a part of Brazil going to play the finals against Argentina. (Thank god, i remember 2 football playing nations!) . There i go and find the security guy asking me for my ID card to enter the office complex, oh okay, i had to stick it out, which i had not, Probably coz, i was going to office to play and it was not a working day for me. Beside the security gate, it also read " Badges must be worn at all time when in office premises", Hmm..., new experience isn't it... playing football with your office ID tag around your neck ? All the morons who think that I was wearing it even when playing..., dont u think you were right..., I stuck it on the bag and off i go to play.

The first shot after 10 years... Booom..., aimed at the goal and it went hey wire...., like everyone else, I checked on my boots..., probably the boots are not fine enough ;-) (i was really not finding something else to blame it, for i moment, i really thought, should i also tap the ground to see if its proper). 2nd and 3rd shots weren't any different., I had to blindly accept, its not the boots or the grounds, its ME.... I am the problem to myself!!

After a little bit of warming up, we finally split ourself into 2 teams and started to play, I tried possibly to reach for the ball as and when, but someone or the other always managed to grab it out from me, and I was feeling nothing less than a "immovable asset" stuck to the place where i was standing, and i was just not standing, but almost down breathing as heavily as i could. I finally told my goalkeeper, i would be at the goals and he can play at my position for sometime. He was okay with it and me was absolutely fine with it and i managed to halt a couple of goals too.. ( i was too proud of it...)

After like another 15 mins of play, I thought i'll go back to my position and I did not for more than 10 mins when the least expected guests came in.., THE RAIN. We were used to playing in the rain when we used to practise at skool, but this time, i had turned from a rough and tough to a delicate soul..., so decided not to take much chance and got off the field, leaving my team with 1 less. I was down and out, almost got everything wrong and also turned good looking things to bad. I could not even manage to take a good shot at the empty goal!

The game was finally over and we guys marched out of the ground, I was nothing less than a soldier damaged himself completely in a war. It was a mental blow too... This was just the beginning..., A beginning after a brief end, when a magician got all his magics wrong. I thought, i will never let go this skill of playing football and i was wrong!! Will let u know if at all i would get some magics right., the next time that i am on the field. For now, I am sure that i would not be attending the camp this weekend and in the coming weeks, I shall make myself count, if not for anything, atleast for the amount of sleep that i give up on saturdays....

Luv, Dhinu!

Day to turn around...

My apologies for not being keeping up with blogs off late.., My office doesn't want me to keep up with blogs and hence have blocked atleast blogspot. They want me to concentrate more to keep up with codes.., I hate work, but then dont really have much of choice. I dont know to do anything else in life than code and blah blah and at times, pass on some ONE LINERS (they at times do match the situation!)

Back to the blog., I wanted to tell you about the day that i had to turn around!! Its been long since i started walking, and had been walking and walking, but luckily there are days where i am forcefully asked to stop and turn around to remember atleast the last one year..!! Oops..., its my turn around day today., I've spent a 3 times 9 years on this earth (Guess what, Am still surviving)!!.

There is a saying that goes, "HE WHO KNOWS FRIDAY THE 13th, HAS KNOWN THE WORLD....", Love me or hate me for this, but I am one of those whom you can try to understand to know the world. Even otherwise, There's no harm in trying to know the WORLD.
I love astrology, if not for anything else, to know how rich i would get and how long will i live, how many children would i have and how many would my wife have :P, Somewhere down the spine, i sure believe that none on this earth would be able to predict as right as the future would be. But however, got to know from my friends about the few lines on the palms.

The life lines on my palm is not too short! Looking at the length and width of the life line on my palm, i thought i would not have to turn around too much, but as far as it is goes, i WILL turn around! One thing that i cherish the most is that i did not used to write much, when i was 13 times 2!!

Ask me whats so special about birthdays, Nothing much than your BUTTS getting a little swollen and also a reminder that its not just LIFE - 1 day, But its LIFE - 1 Year.!!

Prespective.... Changes the entire way you look @ things...

<--- Look at this image, What do you see the person is doing ?? He is for sure Climbing a mountain, Firstly is it a HE or SHE ? and then, Is he/she half way up or half way down ? Keep the answer to yourself, But i am not sure, if our answers are in sync..

A moment we all enjoy, The light shade of sun, but looking at this image, do we know if the sun is dimming upon us or is it just going to be any brighter ?? In short, Can i call this as a Sunrise or is it a sunset ?? ---->

What does these images have in common ? No, am not really pointing towards the image of SUN, I've nothing to do with solar energy at the moment. But the only thing common between the two is each one of is, our prespective to look at things.

We are so big think tanks, We usually analyse much more than what we are really supposed to.! A gesture from a stranger too is at times enough for us to starting thinking a little more! This is such a common thing now., We meet different people at our work place, while travelling, Few of us get close as friends, and when their prespective doesn't match ours, the issue begins.

Mathematicaly, Only PLUS and PLUS can be PLUS, or it has to be MINUS and MINUS that makes a PLUS. Now off maths, We are humans and stumble in findings of these pluses and minuses. Although we try to look at something with the same prespective that your buddy looks at, you may not find it on the success list all the while, In that case, if u're buddy is good enough, ask him/her to look at the thing in your way, If it clicks, you're in a Sync..

But why all these gyaan ? You have a best way out., TO EACH ONE THEIR OWN, we can end up saying this., How does my prespective matter to you ? It does matter..., because behind different prespectives, there's only ONE TRUTH.

Your way of looking at a single thing does not change the truth itself. When I say "I HATE YOU", It also means that I DONT LOVE YOU, but the truth is its just not limited to I DONT LOVE YOU, but i mean a step further. Now back to those Images, Those who said that was a sunset, I am sorry to say that, i got that result on search for "Sunrise", Now to those who said, the person is he or she, i've no clue.... Nor do i have a clue if he/she is half way up and half way down.

I'm stumped...! Does this theorotically mean that we dont have an answer to everything we see ? The best of people have failed in giving the simplest of answers.... only then probably... "To Err is human and to forgive is divine." Divine may or maynot forgive, but i hope atleast we human can forgive for possibly everything.

However, in cases as such, when you get the same answers on adding and subtracting, try adding or subtracting it again..., you're answer is likely to be validated.

See you... Till next time.,

Wanna Sin Less ?? I've an answer.....

Its been almost good 5 years since i moved in from mumbai, There were many moves made, Looking for greener pasture, Bid a farewell to few those who always nagged and so on and so forth. Between all the jamela of moving to a different city altogether, the only thing i really cherish upon was the fact that...., "I WILL SIN LESS".

Not that i used to SIN so much in mumbai., but if given an option to sin less, why not accept it with ARMS WIDE OPEN! Whats in Bangalore thats not in mumbai, which would help you sin less ? If you're gonna less pubbing/clubbing and if only they were considered sinning, thats wrong, bangalore has equally the same or more number of pubs than mumbai OR was it going to be the stinky massage that i get in the local trains of mumbai thats different from bangalore ? But hows that related to not sinning.

Hmm... Bangalore the waterfall of alochol...., Thanks to Vijay Mallaya and the Karnataka State Government. Boose..... Tell you what, This is the gateway to heaven. Not 2 hours from landing at Bangalore did i find myself sitting down with a mugg in my hand. Drink drink till your drop, the competition is just between you and yourself, if its the head or the face.., There's a little phase that you gotta careful, Its from the moment that you start with the first peg and till the moment, you can take the last sip, This is paradise, and you dont reach paradise till the time that you can still hold on to your glass. I think thats the reason they say, "Drink till you drop".

There's tips and tricks for the beginners.... Go with it in a single shot., Shut your eyes and nose and gulp it down and then you'll find "Talli hoke girne se... samji humne gravity... " You'll be in a world of your own, nothing too far little than " Alice in Wonderland ".

When admist the scenario, you become an actor, who acts so fluently and trust me, this is no acting, You are yourself, the emotional yourself. Emotions flow off like opened water tap, you can freely express love for someone, hate for yourself. Confidence is always on high, i had a friend of mine, who also wanted to kick the clieing fan and actually tried it, falling on his head., luckily he didn't injure much. We had a laugh of a lifetime with his stunts and after that, he wanted to kiss all of us, you know the same like Sukhi in RDB.., "tune meri jaan bachayi hai" sort off!! Its the NO SIN MODE. You'll sleep and sleep and sleep to glory, Sleep like there is no tomorrow, no day after tomorrow, and not a Monday, (usually it all begins on a friday night).

Another incident with a friend of mine was something like this., He went out and boosed!, He boosed till he was almost down.., and wasn't really able to wake up, somehow, he managed to called me up... "Dhinu, Am sorry buddy, I am in no position to stand, Please come and pick me up..." I replied, "No Probs Tom, Tell me where you are, and i shall pick you up... " for which i get a response...... "I DONT KNOW WHERE I AM....... " how innocent..., isn't it ?

Seemed like I was adversting brand Alchol all this time, before i am at the verge of hitting the floor with my head or face, let me ask you, who sins while sleeping ? Virtually no body. So giving it a thought ?? Do you wanna quit boosing or wanna low sinning ? Would you want to follow me? If yes, do give me a ring, we can sit down... jabb milenge 3 yaar, Hum, Tum aur Bagpiper...

C Ya!

Lonliness.... the way to be yourself. :-)

Hey, Can you guess what did Sarkaar Raj, Dasavathaaram (Tamil), Sex and the city, Rock on, and few more movies have in common ? I'm sure, it would not ring a bell. I watched all of these all alone. Now, dont you morons think that i was alone in the entire theatre. Ambanis and Tata's still did not manage to adopt me.

Do you wanna read the heading all over again ? I said, Lonliness.. the way to be yourself :-). I'd absolutely no issues giving out those hiccups laugh and cry (when needed) when i was all alone. Although its fun, you did not want to be "Talk of Time" and teased later. Being teased for those hiccup laughs could be managed, but teasing for crying makes others feel that you are so bloody sensitive.

I never thought about this, when i went out for these movies, It used to be late night shows on fridays that these movies were watched. The only reason why i used to go late night was, while returning, i could push those speed on my bike and moreover sleep like a pig till saturday noon. Now that i spend time all alone in a cosy comfortable room 5000 miles away from home do i remember that i was "BEING ME", without any obstacles.

Have you ever tried speaking to yourself ??? For a start, you can do that infront of the mirror, not to feel awk, the reflection would be listening and imitating you! Later, try it when no one is around. Trust me, this is the best feeling that you would ever have! You are your best friend, not the best of friends can replace the friend YOU!

I've not lied to only 1 person in the world, If my mom is reading this, she would be jumping with joy thinking, its her.. She doesn't need to be happy, it wasn't her., it was me, myself. Even the best of best people think that one should spend some time all alone. A little piece of advice to all my fellow collegues & friends (of course, muft mein), get involved in activites like diary writing (A good way to peek into what happend today) and moreover, it gives you some time to be alone. Go for a long walk, You've enough time to speak to yourself and believe me you'll feel so so good.

I guess, I am too high on Vitamin I (me, myself), but i strongly feel thats the way to go about. Atleast you're not making a mockery of yourself by not being you!!

“Pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for, great enough to die for.”

Lost of Luv,

Lots of luv or Lost of luv..

All of us are familiar to the world of email, we've got so many ways to begin and end our mails. Even the 'MEOW' from Jaane Tu ya Jaane na, seems to be a style to begin an email. I'd a common way of ending emails by saying "Thanks and Best Regards / Dinesh" when official and "Lots of Luv/Dhinu!" when a personal mail.

Off late, when i was ending an email (of course a personal one), i ended up writing, "Lost of Luv/Dhinu!", This mail being a personal one, came back with question "Dhinu, Why lost of Luv ? GF ne ditch kiya kya ?" For a moment i thought, "Kaun si ?" and i replied, "Kuch nahi yaar... Typo tha...".

A silly little mistake, and the meaning itself was changed. But was really worth putting a thought, Hmm... Lost of Luv., It seemed as if an Omen speaking out, but through finger tips this time. :-) So began to probe myself, Lost of luv ??? ????? ??? ??? ??? ???? ???? ????? ???? ???? ???? ?? (And few more question marks). I believed love never existed (As its abstract in nature, can't be found so easily.).

So, once again, back to basics, I thought i'll ask google, but as it did to my search for "Happiness", it would be giving me a thousand million results. I was in the office, I wasn't sure some search result would be pointing to Calm-A-Sutra, the art of making love. I didn't want to be sacked so soon, hence decided not to ask google., As it is, there was life before google and answer to all these questions before google & wikipedia.

"Love", an undefined pain, isn't it actually selfishness ?? When you start loving something/someone, isn't it because you love yourself more than someone/something ? The greed for yourself makes you thrive for IT (could be anything). The best of all, you never notice that someone else is bothered by your selfish attitude.

In all these tumble of Love, Hate, Desire, Hope etc (pls note, all of these are abstract), I decided to be emotionless. I wont react to anything and shall hold it all within myself (this dont include the badwords that i give to my project manager & murmers at the deadlines.) Now maths time, if Love = Selfish, can i conclude Hate = Generosity ? Strange maths........ Isn't it ? But isn't it quite better than the tax calculation that we do during the end of a financial year ?

Oops..., Strange things passing my mind. We pray for each and everything, Not all prayers are answered, Is it just coz, gods do love us that he is selfish on giving us whatever we want ? Maybe or may not be. I am very satisfied with the calculation that i made, I shall go ahead and stick to what the Omens had to tell me, Next time if you receive a personal mail from me and If i were to conclude it saying "Lots of Luv", do mind, it was a typo. I truely wanted it to be "Lost of Luv"

Until my omen strikes again,
Lost of Luv,

Only Changes are Constant in Life.....

"Only Changes are Constant in Life ". Two amazing words that you may want to remember when you think about a change, "Good Bye" and "Welcome". You may have to bid a good bye to best of things and not all coming along your way would be appealing, the call is yours to distinguish between HOT or NOT.

Some memories remain! Like healed wounds, it still has scars. Most of the time we forget all good things that happend to us, keeping in mind only about the bad. I unfortunately remember at the back of my mind that i'd done something terribly wrong to someone when i was a kid (7th std), it was too late when i realised that i've hurt that person so bad, luckily, i could find that person to apologise!! Why can't we human change to remember the GOODs and forget the BADs, so easy to preach, and yet so hard to practise., but then, we all still wish to be continuing the way it is, atleast for the sake of being called "HUMAN".

I'm carrying so many memories from the time that we spent in the boarding, I really cherish and look forward to those days again. I am sure, i would not see them again, but can visualise that it was all a good part of some lovely days and as if it all just happend yesterday. I cannot look at my friends as grown ups and not taller than me, coz they were short during the time we spent in the boarding.

Sometimes, parting away is so so difficult, when you are emotionally attached to someone/something. Boarding was my home away from home, and when i stepped into the boarding, never ever did i think that i would spend a good 8 years in the boarding, 8 years flew off like 8 months., I never realised when did my voice start getting a little more bolder and never ever thought that the common bell (time keeper bells) would never go off again in my life. It had almost become a habit that i would only wake up from my bed after i hear the common bell go off, life outside never had a common bell, but that little shakes and naggs early morning from mom. It says na.. Aadato ki aadato naa daalo, varna woh zaroorate bann jaate hai...(Dont make habit of habits, or it would become a need).

We at times have a great and unique way of saying "Good Bye", like my Chennai ODC people., I made sure that i pulled each and everyone's legs when i was there. I guess they had all the frustration at the back of their mind and did not want to spare me. They had an unique way of saying a "Good Bye" Unlike send off to others, they did not just decorate by face with cake, but they made sure that they smash it on my face, they did not even spare my head, you can watch this pic and guess, how did they facial my face. Believe it or not, at the end of it all, i was looking quite quite fairer. Wasn't that a great way to be sent off ? They had given me a loud message through the smashing that "Get lost you moron, you gave us enough.... "

Not so soon in my near life would i have to say a "Welcome" i suppose (Someone else should be keeping heart for me to say a welcome :P), but "Good Bye", thats gonna be as soon as in another 2 months. Hope and wish to carry on with more of Welcome's and less of Good Bye's. If at all life has got something special, it should soon be an end to good bye's and welcome's.

Now that I am almost heading towards the end of the blogs, I may have to utter out "Good Bye" for now and there's a loud and strong "Welcome Back to my site" message too. I shall update this site from time to time. Hopefully, i would never bring you to a brink, when you may have to say a "Good Bye" to this site. Only HOPES can keep one alive... :-)

Bang to Chennai, Chennai to Bang, Via US...

World is sometimes such a small place to live in, In the last one year, my company has defined a new route for me. I am from Bangalore and was asked to work out of Chennai office, but the project wanted me to travel to the US before joining Chennai office.

So the route taken, Bangalore to Chennai Via Columbus, Ohio(Oh he yo, thats what my grandma calls..) United States. My passport has got few scribbles, some stamps with a color picture on it and a lady holding a torch infront of the sea. Looks decorated :-) I am now a part of a big bunch of s/w people who had been ONSITE. Basically, Onsite reminds me that we have to cook & Clean each day., I guess, the education minister should take a note of this and make 'Cooking' a compulsory subject for Engineering and Science/Maths students. All of them in this field end up with software and at some point of time and also travel onsite. this turns out to be another little reason back at home to demand a little more from the Wud-Be Bride's family, the guy knows to cook too. (FYI.. That makes it clear that i am still unmarried..)

Welcome to Columbus. The city close to the "Birth place of Aviation". Its just not that, In any case if you are an Indian, Life gives you an Extra 9.5 hours to be alive on this earth., If only all wishes were true and as a close follower of astrology, I would have liked to be born in NZ and join the majority in the Seattle, US. That gives almost an extra day of what god did allot to me on this earth.

Was surprised on quite a lot of things, Firstly, it was 1 car / head, no much of motor bikes and just because me being an Indian, found it strange that all of them follow traffic rules. I had to even press the 'Walk' Button before crossing the road. All these stories were told to everyone who liked to hear about US. And most of all, boasted about the fact that never ever did the current go off in the US.

Time passed by, hours turned to days, days bloomed and faded, coz it was end of summer and beginning of fall., suddenly life seemed bright, the leaves had turned yellow and orange and as a part of Fall, leaves too fell. Thank god, Adam and Eve doesn't exsist on earth. it was okay to handle summer, but what they would have done during fall ?.

Next came snow, it was just amazing, we were so thrilled that we used to constantly keep a watch on and keep a check on what time is the snow going to fall. Finally, it did snow and within a day, snow turned Ice. It was an experience of a lifetime to see 3 seasons within a span of less than 3 months and also the temperature reading in minusus, but in between all these happenings, India was somewhere missed. 'Swades' was the life saver, I've even seen that movie thrice in a week, luckily those days were almost ending and mid decemeber, was coming back to India.

Mera desh... meri darti.. was touched before christmas and then a total new venture., Chennai office, Out from a fridge to an oven. Winter was 32 degree celcius. Had to make new friends, which i luckily could and work with a team whom i had never met before. Days passed, turned out months, it did not convert to a year before the project got over and I was released. Was sure that i was returning to Bangalore, when the routing struck.... "Never forget the way that you travelled...", just like father in the church say on a Ash wednesday "You are ash and will return into ash...".

Life had to get me back to Columbus, yet for another project, another transition. This time Columbus had something special to give me a grand welcome. I reached on a saturday here and a little breeze was in the air, by sunday morning, it started being windy., as the day progressed, it started getting heavy. Columbus made sure that, this time, i shall tell people back home that when electricity in US goes, it doesn't return for even a week. The wind struck bad, trees fell, took off power, few had trees falling on their houses etc, All in all, the city wasn't too happy about me landing i suppose.

Life goes on.... so does trips..., This trip hasn't ended yet, I am looking forward to what has fall and winter in store for me ? is it going to be any special like my welcome ? I guess so, coz, i heard a friend of mine saying that the winter is going to be at its peak. Its not strange, it happens when LEGENDS walk in.

I shall keep you updated if at all, nature plays some one sided game.

Till then.... its me signing off.....

Search for "Happiness".

Ask for "Happiness", it gives you 102,000,000 results for happiness!!, Try it out yourself, Results may vary, happiness has no limits you see....

These days, we start a corporate life too young., Once out of college, you keep running behind career/fame/money and what and what not, suddenly when you have left half your life behind, you realise... "Oh holy shit.... I forgot to live".

It wasn't too late since i realised that., Now, all my effort, nope, not all, As i'm not on the bench, i've still got something else to do other than searching for happiness, but nevertheless, the hunt is still on.

I tried taking some sample pieces., no rocket science, no writing books and stuff, just took few people beside me (Most of them were s/w enggs, unfortunately) and i asked them., Are you really HAPPY on what you do... Most of you would have guessed what their answer was...., Of course NO.., I'm not happy with what i do., Some said, they were, but still cribbed about whatever they did., so in that case, Are they really happy ?, Although they said Yes, It was a NO. Some of them said, I love my Career, but i hate Work (Does that make sense?)

Happiness is what we look for, thats got different names now., Can i call it "Achievement"? or shall i sarcastically call it "Greediness" ?, i can call it as many names as i want. Whatever names i give to it, all leads to a single simple thing..... "A race, with no finishing point..." Achievements/Greediness can never be satisfied, do you think it can be ? Atleast, this little mind says, it cannot.......

Now, this may sound a little weird..., off late, had seen a movie, it was an old Malayalam movie, and could not just stop admiring the people. It had characters in the hospital being treated for being mentally ill. They had a limit to all that they thought, They greed was limited, and Achievements ?, I thought they had a small vision and was easily gettable (Even according to what they were going through).

Apparently, life wasn't too good to them, but somehow, i felt, they were better off than what i was. My search for happiness was still on, and few people like them had already attained it. For a moment, i really wished, I was like them!

There is not a doubt that many would find it wierd and can very well oppose to my thoughts.. For a moment, lets be away from work & stuff... be a simple sample human with all emotions.. ask yourself, when was the last time that you had a hearty laugh, when was the last time that you whole heartedly cried (Crying makes you feel better at times). Life has just become a cycle that you follow, many of our BPO Folks have got things upside down, They go for dinner during the noon and has Lunch break at night.

"The world stands in need of liberation my lord... It still has to learn to love, The blind and deaf, the dumb and the maimed, all need to feel a healing touch..." This was verse of a hymn that i learned in my skool days, but am just thinking, who is the "Chosen One" to provide that healing touch ? We have people around who has Eyes, but refuse to see and ears who refuse to hear. All of us search for messengers to Heal the world and make it a better place to live in, but none take an initative to do it. Just like, everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.

Well, Probably, am turning out to be a Manoj Knight Shyamalan, Not that i am turning creative like him, but dont know how to end this blog. However, shouting out something at the end of it., Dont run for SLA's/EOD/Target/Money leaving behind whatever you felt would keep you happy, all the above takes tedious terrains to get there and by the end, when you reach there., you are not in a position to be there.

Yesterday is gone, Today is yours, Tommorrow may never ever come.... so Live life the king size with whatever you have.

And lastly, if you find happiness, do let me know how and where to search it.....


A Wait of an Year!

Appraisal Time..., Fingers crossed, Deep in prayers, Light few more candles, Visit temples and what and what not (should i forget to say that I also to prayed for the manager whom i never liked). All for carrying home some more extra cash.

It was one letter that one has been waiting for the last one year. "A Ray of Hope" to spend someting extra on Shopping/GF(s)/Fuel etc (etc means i've much more bigger list) .

You almost broaden your lips when you see a pop on the right hand bottom of your computer screen. "The Letter!!" had all the sweet and encouring words in the world, I guess the company is too too concerned about their employees that they dont want them to have an attack (Due to happiness of course) on viewing the revised salary right away and hence write those lovely words in the mail and ATTACH the revised salary letter.

Now comes the emotion.... I'm so so bloody emotional, But this time, i decided it to take it by heart than by mind..., so so..., As soon as i heard "You've Got Mail" I closed my eyes and for the last time, i prayed "Devamme.... ende konde minnichekene.... " (Light me up with this).

I wasn't really receiving "The Letter" for the first time, so i was aware of the words used and also the effort that my manager must have taken to copy & paste from the previous mail. I opened the Revised Salary Letter.

Bingo!!, East met west..... Anger meeting patience.... Control Dhinu!!, Control....... Once again... Hey Bhagwan... Tune muje bass itne ke kaabil samja? What next, Nothing on this earth can be changed for the next one year on the renumeration front, Last year was no different and had enough of blah blahing with the then manager who promised stars and heavens the next year.

Abb.... its Life... and has to go on.... "Aandhi aaye yaa toofan, hum tho aage badaenge...." Now what? The issue has to be addressed., You ask your innerself, you've answer to everything, the problem on hand, live below the inflation rate for the next one year atleast. Lifestyle cannot be changed, you are a White Collar, working for a reputed software giant.

To address the issue, I am straight away went to my office cafeteria, It smells amazing, nearly makes one faint.. To the man at the Coupoun counter... "Sirji.... Please reduce the afternoon meal's price by X% (this X is the difference between the Inf & Rev Sal Percent) ". A very polite person, In reply, he says, "Sir.... I dont know if you forgot that we are in India too... Inflation has equally hit us", We are increasing our price by 13% from the next month.

Oops... Zor ka jatka dheere se lagg hi gaya..!! So Effectively, for my meal, i am paying Meal Price + 13% hike by the restaurant guys + % of Revised Salary, Which was under inflation rate.

Now, a little maths, Lifestyle - (Inflation Rate - % of the Revised Salary), I shall call this "N1Y", not adding a 1 between new york, but just that I'm trying to plan "Next One Year".

Reality Bites, and bites big time, But if life pelt stones @ you, you probably got to have a shield ready. So now, Dhinu to his GFs (i know few would be offended, if i dont use plurals.) Baby, I can only spend 25 minutes with you from the previous 30 minutes, blame it on the Inflation...

Let me broadly classify,
Roti - Am a s/w engg., believe it or not, i am putting on weight day by day, so 4:3 ratio, Diet & Blame it on the Inflation.
Kapda - I wish to go the sallu way, Blame the inflation.
Makaan - Lets shift from a 2BHK to a 1BHK, afterall, you just need to 6"-3.5" Cot to sleep on. Blame it on the Inflation.