After a long time...

After a long time is because, i dont see myself having posted any blogs off late., that maybe coz, i did not have much to tell the world or even otherwise, all work no play has made this jack a dull boy! So today (to-die) i am forcefully taking some time off from work to blog out something.., as u read., If its on my mind, its in here....

What happens, when your mind is empty ? (Choose the appropriate)
a) An Ideal Mind is the devils workshop
b) Your Mind is never empty
c) A treat to destiny.

Basically, I would go with none of the above options and rather answer this as "You've got a beautiful mind". When your mind is at the least, you've just got a beautiful mind. And probably thats the reason why we love kids and ya, we love puppies too..

First things first.., I found a red nosed guy, found amusing walked upto him and asked.., Dude., wats up wid ur nose., Why is it so red ? Naturally gifted kya ? he replied, Bike chalata hoon... I was like... SO ?? Helmet Pehanta hoon.... Haan.., Compulsary hai.... Tho ?? abbe saale... sabb sunega kya ?? Helmet ka flap bhi daltha hoon... Uff..... Bechara red nosed reindeer.... I thought!!!

One fine day, the socialist in me popped out and said to my collegues who drives and rides "Doston.., We try not to honk tommorrow.., It would decrease the noise pollution... Waise bhi.. Tr. Margaret ne sikaya tha... ONE GOOD DEED A DAY, MAKES A GOOD DAY.. " Cool.., great initiative.. said one of them, I was wider by chest for 1/2 an inch (after a lot of effort) and the next day, one driver comes up and say.., I'm sorry dudes and dudiya, i cudn't just hold it.. HOLD WHAT ?? abt the honks yaar..., itne saare potholes hai.., I cudn't just stop honking at it.. :)

The other day, my friends were all rushing to the medical shop to get a N95. N95 medicals mein.. Zamana kaafi raftaar mein hai... i thought!! The next day, there was a state get 2gether and a N95 union was made... Maaf karna... that happend in Kerala. Now, the last among the least i observed was..., a person with a bad breath would have to tell u the most of secrets in the world.

C ya.,