A Wait of an Year!

Appraisal Time..., Fingers crossed, Deep in prayers, Light few more candles, Visit temples and what and what not (should i forget to say that I also to prayed for the manager whom i never liked). All for carrying home some more extra cash.

It was one letter that one has been waiting for the last one year. "A Ray of Hope" to spend someting extra on Shopping/GF(s)/Fuel etc (etc means i've much more bigger list) .

You almost broaden your lips when you see a pop on the right hand bottom of your computer screen. "The Letter!!" had all the sweet and encouring words in the world, I guess the company is too too concerned about their employees that they dont want them to have an attack (Due to happiness of course) on viewing the revised salary right away and hence write those lovely words in the mail and ATTACH the revised salary letter.

Now comes the emotion.... I'm so so bloody emotional, But this time, i decided it to take it by heart than by mind..., so so..., As soon as i heard "You've Got Mail" I closed my eyes and for the last time, i prayed "Devamme.... ende konde minnichekene.... " (Light me up with this).

I wasn't really receiving "The Letter" for the first time, so i was aware of the words used and also the effort that my manager must have taken to copy & paste from the previous mail. I opened the Revised Salary Letter.

Bingo!!, East met west..... Anger meeting patience.... Control Dhinu!!, Control....... Once again... Hey Bhagwan... Tune muje bass itne ke kaabil samja? What next, Nothing on this earth can be changed for the next one year on the renumeration front, Last year was no different and had enough of blah blahing with the then manager who promised stars and heavens the next year.

Abb.... its Life... and has to go on.... "Aandhi aaye yaa toofan, hum tho aage badaenge...." Now what? The issue has to be addressed., You ask your innerself, you've answer to everything, the problem on hand, live below the inflation rate for the next one year atleast. Lifestyle cannot be changed, you are a White Collar, working for a reputed software giant.

To address the issue, I am straight away went to my office cafeteria, It smells amazing, nearly makes one faint.. To the man at the Coupoun counter... "Sirji.... Please reduce the afternoon meal's price by X% (this X is the difference between the Inf & Rev Sal Percent) ". A very polite person, In reply, he says, "Sir.... I dont know if you forgot that we are in India too... Inflation has equally hit us", We are increasing our price by 13% from the next month.

Oops... Zor ka jatka dheere se lagg hi gaya..!! So Effectively, for my meal, i am paying Meal Price + 13% hike by the restaurant guys + % of Revised Salary, Which was under inflation rate.

Now, a little maths, Lifestyle - (Inflation Rate - % of the Revised Salary), I shall call this "N1Y", not adding a 1 between new york, but just that I'm trying to plan "Next One Year".

Reality Bites, and bites big time, But if life pelt stones @ you, you probably got to have a shield ready. So now, Dhinu to his GFs (i know few would be offended, if i dont use plurals.) Baby, I can only spend 25 minutes with you from the previous 30 minutes, blame it on the Inflation...

Let me broadly classify,
Roti - Am a s/w engg., believe it or not, i am putting on weight day by day, so 4:3 ratio, Diet & Blame it on the Inflation.
Kapda - I wish to go the sallu way, Blame the inflation.
Makaan - Lets shift from a 2BHK to a 1BHK, afterall, you just need to 6"-3.5" Cot to sleep on. Blame it on the Inflation.