Hmm... amazing title, isn't it ? why is it so ? that's because, i don't have anything on mind. If at all there is something in my mind, its all about nothing. I believe this is just another silent phase of life, where i eat less, play less, work less and most of all, even sleep less.

I wonder, when everything in life is so less, why are the phone bills running NOT LESS. Huh.., I need to find a reply to this! Deep within me, i have a feeling of not being very me! does human change along with time ? Yo, why not ? But isn't it time that forces us to change ? These days, I'd been doing nothing great than keeping update with movies, The best of all, i seen the flower show at Lalbaug for the first time after being in Bangalore for the last 5 yrs. Had a pretty tough time for the flower., but it was nice being between flowers, where, although everything was natural, nothing seemed like one.

The other thing that's going around is with the Russel Peter's comedy show. I had been impressed or depressed with him that i had been going around repeating his dialogues all throughout and recommending the video to my friends, who in turn started repeating his dialogues too. Cheez! that's too much unwanted attention for this racist pig, who feels there is nothing Indian about him.

Huh, Speak about racist, who isn't. It just comes in different form, hot, small, cold, dark, tall, shallow, big.... (name it and here it is...). Its the level that matters all, The one at the international level can speak of the skin colours, where as at the lower level, we can very well compare about anything that we see. In between this, i dont wish to forget to say a hello to our Bal Tackrey saab. Basically, you are the king of it. Luckily, that i know marathi, i can survive to be a cabbie at Mumbai. Thanks.

Even, with nothing on mind, i managed to write 3-4 paragraph about something that i feel., Just to give justice to the title called "Titleless" that i used here., I should have remained dumb.

Love you for keeping up with this.,