Good Samaritan

It was the friday evening and i started my ride towards home. Coming out from a campus which caters to more than 6000 employees. The guy riding from past me was a guy on a yahama Rx 100, which makes much more than screeching noise and lets outs enough smoke too.

The guy was wearing a racer jacket, which had logos of all different bigges right from AMD to Vodafone. This guy buzzed past me and i had a "Luck go dude..." look towards him, Almost 3 kms away from my office is a railway crossing and around 500 metres before that is a turn towards my destination. This guy, raced far ahead of me and by the time i reached the turning was this person waiting right in between the road.

It caught me by surprise and also for the little fact that the racer kid was standing between the road. He was giving someone a lift. Huh, this guy only managed to stop in between, so that makes me a winner if only this was a race.., I thought. This guy was following the same road that i was following and eventually, i had to wait at the railway crossing for the train to pass. Now, this guy broke the line and went straight ahead, even after the traffic police stopping him in between. The traffic police too would have fallen for his attitude.., i thought! But eventually, this person went all the way ahead, and held the person behind him and another kid and helped them cross the railway crossing and came back to the lane which was ment for crossing the railway gate.

Not for the first time, but i had judged a book by the cover (the looks, the bike etc). Well, I really wanted to pat him and say, You've done a great job buddy. But he was a racer, once the gates opened, he raced off and he was nowhere in visibility when i crossed over.!! But, Dude, incase even by mistake you land up on my blog, "Thank You" for being a human!! I was talking about taking off from ITPL and this incident happend at Hoodi Railway crossing!


How much do you have to pay for a doctor's visit ? And what if he is a specalist with around 30 years of experience ? Well, nothing less than Rs. 300 - Rs. 500. But things weren't such with a doctor at named Dr. Srinivasa Reddy, Bangalore. His fees is Rs. 20 or Rs.10 (as the article at DNA times said). He is running a dispensary from the last 30 years at a not so common place at Bangalore. He chose that place because, that was the place where most of the construction labourers lived at one point of time. The dispensary is only a 20 x 20 block. They did not have access to any hospitals close by and the doctor himself had to be till a nearby bus stop and later almost 15-20 minutes by foot. He also says, that its just been last year that he could really afford a motor cycle.
Catch the report here.

Just 50 meters away from this small dispensary was a good big looking hospital of 3 floors, where the doctors doesn't even know what he is treating a patient for.....

Well well well, It makes me feel good to say that there are still human left on this earth, which makes this place much more lively!!

Thank you doctor, and its indeed., all in the name of humanity.

Till next time,

Mom... How would you like to see me ?

The 4th std kid is confused on seeing their parents run and hence decided to apply thought to what does he do when he grows up. He has enough time during his summer vacation and hence one fine Sunday afternoon, after mom's shopping & hopping at home and after dad's weekly maintenance schedule which resulted "SUCCESS", the boy took all the courage to ask... " Dad, Mom.. What are you guys upto?, at time you even forget that i am around... I wanted to know, what career should i take up when i grow up... "

Both parents had a tough look, It was bigger than "ONE TIGHT SLAP" on MTV. Looking at the kids age., mom thought of making a joke of it..., " Beta.., Kuch bhi ho..... Housewife matt banna. S/w Engg tho bilkul hi matt banna.." Dad giggled and joined in saying... " Beta, Agar s/w engg bann bhi jaaye... tho weekends mein kaam nahi karna.." The kid started getting a little aggressive.

"Mom, do i have an option ? " asked the kid..
" How about a doctor ? ", That's an option for sure, but you see.., You are too scared to see blood., Moreover, we are anti-violence supporters. We can stand no blood.

Dad had quite an unique idea... " How about a lawyer ?? " for which mom replied.. " There would be blackmailing and at one point or the other, you may have to lie & cheat in pressure..." its no good option!!

"How about a building engineer ? " asked the son.. Thats a fair profession to take up. Mom objected, " I dont want to see my son in the sun, burning it out there., look ahead 20 years from now., you wont be able to cope up with the weather and moreover its going to be so bad outside. "

The kid now started getting irritated, come on mom and dad, i just asked for a simple little question, and you guys are upto discussing all possible negatives of a profession, So we better stop answering the question to what i use, rather, i refine the question to something like this... "How do you think, i should live when i grow up? ". There was a sparkle in the mom's eyes and had already made up the list.

1. Live in a huge bungalow, covered by security, servants and drivers.
2. Have a respecting job, which even have people saluting you when you walk in.
3. The best of all, You have to be creative in all the projects/assignment that you take up.
(the boy is having so many things going in his mind now..., and moreover when bollywood movies are at stake).
4. Dad adds.. The job should be less quantitatively, but quite a competitive one.

Dad was about to add some more, when the kid exclaims... " Major at the army... ". Mom had a turn down on her face and then the kid suddenly realised, oh... we are the non-violent ones...

Looking at the curiosity of the kid..., Dad decided to remain mum, mom let the kid think and he suddenly comes up with a bright idea..., Dad, I wish to be a DON., What ?? Yea, an underworld don!! Are you crazy ? dad exclaimed...

Dad & mom, please dont sallow your words, look at the points that you listed above.., I feel the Don is the right match, moreover, what i would have to do is, sit somewhere in the middle east and give directions to my business partners (suparis)., And then you see SRK, Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi.. Naa mumkin hai...

Beta, aisa nahi kehti.. Don isn't a good man.., remember, we are anti-violent, We need no Khoon-Karaba...

"Okay dad... How about a Neta ? " Asked the kid... Dad was almost covering his face with the hanky., God, where is my kid getting all these ideas from ? You... You..., (pointing towards his wife).

"It wasn't me..., I've not told him anything like that, he must have kept track of the recent elections maybe.. " Said the mom. Beta, Neta is not good too.... He is often in between many chaos of the public, He is sometimes involved in bribes and crimes.. We are still anti-violent.

Gosh, I should not have brought up the topic itself. I am off to play. Parents looked stunned at each other for whatever the kid expelled. In other way, they also started imagining what if he really did what he just said. Both parents were done and out and either of them having no clue as to what to respond when the kid comes back, he comes back with lot of joy and expression...

Dad, I've found out something, which is respecting, demanding and competitive., Dad was stunned..., so was mom... " What the heck would that be.... "

Dad.., "I Want to be a cricketer in India..., "

Why specifically India ???...

Till next time..!!

The art of saying a "NO"

How often do we come across times in our life, when we expect a YES and it turns out to be a NO. A NO is so so disappointing. Some are even life taking ones. There's a little difference between us and the western. We although try to be western in everyday life, can't really get over this simple factor. We Indians can never say a NO or atleast have a royal way of saying a NO. There is a pick from Ronan Keating's song... " You say it best..., when you say nothing at all.." How more royally can you ask someone to "S H U T U P".

A nod of the head in left to right and right to left means a NO for us, and thats what we hate to hear. We as humans long to see your head travelling from top to bot and bot to top. Right from indian players appealing to the umpires to proposing a gal. Off late, i had received a case, which was definitely out of my area, but not living with the art of saying a NO, i went out to other areas to seek information and replied the person with a satisfactory answer. Similiar was not the response when i requested some information from my onsite counter parts. It was a BLUNT NO from their end.

Luckily, my manager was a person who has spend a decade at onsite and explained me the condition and asked me not to feed bad about it. It seems its not a real issue. For them, there is a line drawn and said, this is my limit and the other part doesn't belong to me. Now, I'm into much more dilemma, thats because i have to often mix my work and personal life together. Thats happening accidentally. I am allowed to work from home and by default some things at home needs my attention even when i am working.

Well Well, There are even unique ways of saying a NO., remember the pepsi ad off late ? " I CAN"T HEAR YOU!!..." Or probably another way of saying a NO is what our Netas do at the Assembly.. A SHORT NAP!! Which one do you prefer ???

As i in the office (Where, I can yawn without any bothering....), I'm almost saying a NOOOOOO now!!


The Sunflower Boy!!!

Surya had it in his eyes, the charm, the innocence of a good teen boy!. Perhaps, he was too attached to flowers to take up sunflower selling as an option!. This little teenager was gods gift to the village, if not for any other good deeds, for the occupation that he had. He was a sunflower vendor.

Nobody knew where did Surya come from, Whenever asked to him, where he came from? he had only to talk about paddy fields that he crossed, the streams and at the end pointed towards the mountain to say, he crossed over. The boy had more than a vendor touch to him. He greeted all his customer with a smile and wish, at the age of non-customer-centric age, he did atleast thank all his customers!! The daily earnings helped him meet both ends, but he had a vision of being a bigger businessman. But, for the village that he was in, the sunflowers were brought only by children and few adults, that too, only on special occasions.

His luck changed on a cloudy day, It was a the village King's anniversary. Surya made the first and best bouquet of his life. He designed the bouquet so well that admist all the gifts, the king picked up Surya's bouquet. This not only changed the fortune of his business, but also gave enough reason for another shopkeepers to allow surya put a stall in front of his shop.

The sun flower boy had the sun shining on his fate. But everyone was still eager to know, where did surya come from and what did he do before coming to this tiny village ? All that anyone could manage to gather was the same piece of information that he had to share by pointing towards the mountains. He was never known as Surya anymore. He was called the SUNFLOWER BOY!. His shop being right in the centre of the village, he was more socially involved in the village activities.

There was no common matter in the village which must have not passed the Sunflower Boy's ears. On one such occasion, there was a decision to be taken on letting the nearby dam water flow through the village. The villagers were happy as it would benefit the crop, but none really bothering much towards the risk which was involved. Surya, at once took a note of the low-lying area in the village and recommended it to the king. During the rains, the low lying area was almost washed out, without the dam being let open, one could have imagined the scenario of these area with the dam water let open.

Surya, now not only became a good businessman, but earned respect for his thought too. The villagers felt blessed to be having a person like him around. Any serious concerns used to be definitely given a thought and the best of solution came out through surya. He was a gem in all aspects. In a general village meeting, Surya was awarded by the king for all his good work. As a general question, a king asked him to be his advisor.

Surya was in a state of shock, He wasn't educated and did not know what is the pious duty of an advisor to the king. Hence he replied,

"Your Majesty., Thank you for the offer.., But your subject needs a better and educated advisor unlike me..".

King then asked, "What would you then like to be? "

Surya : "I'd always been selling sunflowers and always wish to do so, until i'm good health wise".

Villagers felt, Surya was perfect fit for the job, but his conscience said, he wasn't. Surya asked many questions to himself., Why can't i be the right one? is it because he wasn't really fit for the job or was it the fear of erring at job during difficult circumstances ? He always thought, Its only the fear thats stopping him saving his village. Due to the intensity of the job, many advisor to the king had been replaced on and off., but Surya still continued giving his piece of advises whenever needed.

Years and years passed with this trend, Although Surya was not the official advisor, he helped everyone with the possible way that he could. His days were almost ending, Surya did not leave behind a family or anyone. Although, he was too tired to run his sunflower shop, the king did not leave surya unattended. He was looked after by the kings servants. It was finally days for him to join the majority. The last rites were conducted with all the villagers present. He had not left a will to anybody, nor did he want any wishes to be fulfilled.., but the villagers did leave a sunflower everyday at his tomb... Indeed a SUNFLOWER for a SUNFLOWER BOY!!!

Sea-Link, Connecting the upper Mumbai..

June 30th, A dream come true for almost every mumbaikars. The site which was a shooting point for almost every mumbai based movie. We could have seen the progression from RBGG (Raju Ban gaya Gentleman) to JTYJN (Jaane Tu ya Jaane na). Mumbai has almost become NOKIA (Connecting people)., But to let u know.. "Nothing on this earth comes for free..."

This is an amazing stretch, But this is the stretch without halt, You cannot halt on the bridge! Amazingly the toll is Rs. 50 / side, which is quite fine looking at the mumbai traffic and moreover when the bridge boasts of having covering the 40 minutes (8 kms) stretch in 7 minutes (5.6 Kms). The bridge is however not open to 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers and trucks. So in short, only cars and buses can take this path.

Lets calculate a little, based on a small car that we may use for travelling.
Alto (Mileage of Avg 16 Km/litre, 5.6 x 2 = 11.2 kms (two ways) which is less than 1 lt of petrol, hardly, Rs. 40 twoways + Rs. 100 2 way toll makes it Rs. 140. Monthly Expense Approx Rs. 3080)

Alto (Mileage of Avg 16 Km/litre, 8x 2 = 16 kms (two ways) which equal to 1 lt of petrol, hardly, Rs. 48 twoways + Rs. 0 toll makes it Rs. 48. Monthly Expense Rs. 1056.)

All that you can do is save time at the expense of Rs. 2000, which could be used for partying, again spent from pocket.

Look from the other prespective, the governments eye. They expect a 1,20,000 vehicles using this road daily, Out of which they'd be expecting a crowd of 80K to be using this road daily, which makes it average 80K x 50 = Rs. 4000K. That makes it 40 Lakhs daily. From the above calculations, seems like Goverment would be able to recover the total expindeture in less than 12 years apart from maintenance of the bridge.

With the fuel price already hiked by Rs. 4 and bikers not allowed on the bridge, i hope our government manages to pull it out or else, it would be once again the government coming down hard on the pockets of us tax payers. Meanwhile, there is something to cheer about for Mr. Rajendra Chauhan. He was the first and hopefully the last biker to be using the bridge., Catch him up here..

In the meanwhile, This blog owner has started looking out for a 2nd hand car in mumbai or a rich gal from mumbai, who can gift the blog owner a car and also afford to have Rs. 150 (for toll and fuel) in her wallet..

Do wave to me if you see me on the bridge of fortune....