"Moon" soon

Well well, just imagine me off the daily traffic, where food is always in the air and me too in the air, just like as if i was in the moon. All the fools in the world would be astronauts. Dont be amused, I am not pointing out that someday we'll all be the intellectual ones., but just pointing fingers at the weather.

"Rain Rain go away.. " was the ryhme that we learnt in our kintergarden days, do we really want to recite that at the need of the hour ? I am sure that would soon be boycotted from the KG. We also learnt about faith of a little boy, who went to the temple with an umbrella when people gathered to pray for the rain.

Seems like rain gods aren't really amused with the faith of the little boy or they're still asleep. Imagine without rains...
a) No more "Tap tap barsa paani.., Baarish mein aag lagaai."
b) Mumbai local trains running ON TIME, no more display of 00:00 hours on the display board at the railway stations.
c) All the morons who never bathed for the last 8 months, would be off bath for 12 more months.
d) Chennai wouldn't need a boat to travel to office.

Now, those that i would personally miss...
a) Woh kaske pakadthi thi..... With the rains and lightning, used to often receive hugs from the beside.
b) Cutting chai with rain dripping.., it is just amazing...
c) Can't share umbrella with the gal next door....
d) It was a good enough reason to ask the gal sitting beside me in the office... "So.., did you get wet today?? "

Gods, Please ignore what little Johnny has to do on a rainy day, Rain Rain please dont go to spain. Rain rain please come and drip us wet.... if not for what i wrote in the first para... atleast for the second.....

A bin badal ke barsaat...

T20 Masala

"Cameo!!" is the word that we closely relate to the T20 Game. This game came as a welcome gift to many youngsters. The world knew little Rohit sharma, who transformed himself from the crowd of mumbai trains to a cosy BMW and not the least, the little Niel O Brian of Ireland to show some attitude on the field.

Cameo is a little different in the world of T20, thats because almost everyone plays a cameo in this particular form of the game. The cameo here comes in the form of the "First Ball ka Captain", "Miss Bollywood and the likes of Deepika-Saif promoting their upcoming film Love Aaj Kal. I was just wondering, how could they do it ahead of a important game against England, which India was fighting for survial!! I was wondering, Were the producers of Love Aaj Kal sponsoring the event, or cricket sponsoring the movie.

With the cricket effecting sleep of almost 2/3rd Indians, We're in for a good business. But then, our tigers are still working it out there.!! Our own dish washer (Dhoni) has started being a pain. Thats because he changed his batting position from No.5-6 to No. 3, Where he feels he needs to play like Rahul Dravid and was almost playing a test inning knock in the world of T20.

Ya, its easy to sit down in a drawing room and give offline commentry, but then our own shers are having their shares coming from expensive match fees and commercials.

Chao, back to the match now,


Phir meri kahani yaad aayi...!!

Yup!.. Phir meri kahani yaad aayi.., because it was June 1st week and i called up to speak to my niece last night. She was all geared up for the first day at school after summer vacation. The little gal had discovered a lot. The LOT means, she has learnt to spell out small words from the previous reciting of ABCD's and many many more rhymes. She has learnt to paint (Car Tyres in Yellow and Sun in Blue) She had gone for vacations to her grand ma's place and most of all, her biggest achievement was that she learned to operate mom's new cell phone!.

This gets me back to my school days, It used to be the first or second week of June and when rain is at its best. Like every other little one, Had to really make sure that atleast for the first day at school, the pencil box do contain pencil and eraser. If so, probably a sharpner too. Make sure that i know which floor does my classroom lie and so on. The first day after summer vacation is pretty busy day.

Had i not had some friends like John, There would not have been much people to match shoulders to see who has grown up during the summer vacation. Big boys had even become bigger., and few bigger boys have left the school. Thankfully, there was no IPL then to discuss the best team and the pre-post match analysis between the young cricket rookies.

The first day at school is pretty confusing, It usually started off like with a hurry, thats because, for the entire of the last 2 months, you slept till 9am and then, all of a sudden, you are asked to wake up atleast by 6am. As I was in a boarding school for most part of my school life, I had a strict time table to follow. Usually, its the new school uniform, which used to get wet at some or the other part (due to rain). Our "Hi" and "Hello" would get over the pervious day as we had to be present at the boarding a day before the school started.

The best of the lot is the first 5 minutes of the class. Thats when you know who is gonna be your class teacher for the next 1 year. There used to be a cheer or a growl when the class teacher walks in. The first 5 mins of this 8-9 periods are surprising on day 1 as there would be different teachers coming in and would know which teacher is assigned to us for particular subjects.

All i could guess was, our PT sir is going to be Sir Thomas, Scout is again going to be another Sir Thomas and drawing teacher, Miss Pramila.., no matter in which standard i am!. There was uniformity maintained for all these subjects. :-)

All in all, my little gave me so much to think., Good were those days, now i can only think and long for those days, because its all the same everyday, unless i switch between firms.

Till next time,