Bang to Chennai, Chennai to Bang, Via US...

World is sometimes such a small place to live in, In the last one year, my company has defined a new route for me. I am from Bangalore and was asked to work out of Chennai office, but the project wanted me to travel to the US before joining Chennai office.

So the route taken, Bangalore to Chennai Via Columbus, Ohio(Oh he yo, thats what my grandma calls..) United States. My passport has got few scribbles, some stamps with a color picture on it and a lady holding a torch infront of the sea. Looks decorated :-) I am now a part of a big bunch of s/w people who had been ONSITE. Basically, Onsite reminds me that we have to cook & Clean each day., I guess, the education minister should take a note of this and make 'Cooking' a compulsory subject for Engineering and Science/Maths students. All of them in this field end up with software and at some point of time and also travel onsite. this turns out to be another little reason back at home to demand a little more from the Wud-Be Bride's family, the guy knows to cook too. (FYI.. That makes it clear that i am still unmarried..)

Welcome to Columbus. The city close to the "Birth place of Aviation". Its just not that, In any case if you are an Indian, Life gives you an Extra 9.5 hours to be alive on this earth., If only all wishes were true and as a close follower of astrology, I would have liked to be born in NZ and join the majority in the Seattle, US. That gives almost an extra day of what god did allot to me on this earth.

Was surprised on quite a lot of things, Firstly, it was 1 car / head, no much of motor bikes and just because me being an Indian, found it strange that all of them follow traffic rules. I had to even press the 'Walk' Button before crossing the road. All these stories were told to everyone who liked to hear about US. And most of all, boasted about the fact that never ever did the current go off in the US.

Time passed by, hours turned to days, days bloomed and faded, coz it was end of summer and beginning of fall., suddenly life seemed bright, the leaves had turned yellow and orange and as a part of Fall, leaves too fell. Thank god, Adam and Eve doesn't exsist on earth. it was okay to handle summer, but what they would have done during fall ?.

Next came snow, it was just amazing, we were so thrilled that we used to constantly keep a watch on and keep a check on what time is the snow going to fall. Finally, it did snow and within a day, snow turned Ice. It was an experience of a lifetime to see 3 seasons within a span of less than 3 months and also the temperature reading in minusus, but in between all these happenings, India was somewhere missed. 'Swades' was the life saver, I've even seen that movie thrice in a week, luckily those days were almost ending and mid decemeber, was coming back to India.

Mera desh... meri darti.. was touched before christmas and then a total new venture., Chennai office, Out from a fridge to an oven. Winter was 32 degree celcius. Had to make new friends, which i luckily could and work with a team whom i had never met before. Days passed, turned out months, it did not convert to a year before the project got over and I was released. Was sure that i was returning to Bangalore, when the routing struck.... "Never forget the way that you travelled...", just like father in the church say on a Ash wednesday "You are ash and will return into ash...".

Life had to get me back to Columbus, yet for another project, another transition. This time Columbus had something special to give me a grand welcome. I reached on a saturday here and a little breeze was in the air, by sunday morning, it started being windy., as the day progressed, it started getting heavy. Columbus made sure that, this time, i shall tell people back home that when electricity in US goes, it doesn't return for even a week. The wind struck bad, trees fell, took off power, few had trees falling on their houses etc, All in all, the city wasn't too happy about me landing i suppose.

Life goes on.... so does trips..., This trip hasn't ended yet, I am looking forward to what has fall and winter in store for me ? is it going to be any special like my welcome ? I guess so, coz, i heard a friend of mine saying that the winter is going to be at its peak. Its not strange, it happens when LEGENDS walk in.

I shall keep you updated if at all, nature plays some one sided game.

Till then.... its me signing off.....

Search for "Happiness".

Ask for "Happiness", it gives you 102,000,000 results for happiness!!, Try it out yourself, Results may vary, happiness has no limits you see....

These days, we start a corporate life too young., Once out of college, you keep running behind career/fame/money and what and what not, suddenly when you have left half your life behind, you realise... "Oh holy shit.... I forgot to live".

It wasn't too late since i realised that., Now, all my effort, nope, not all, As i'm not on the bench, i've still got something else to do other than searching for happiness, but nevertheless, the hunt is still on.

I tried taking some sample pieces., no rocket science, no writing books and stuff, just took few people beside me (Most of them were s/w enggs, unfortunately) and i asked them., Are you really HAPPY on what you do... Most of you would have guessed what their answer was...., Of course NO.., I'm not happy with what i do., Some said, they were, but still cribbed about whatever they did., so in that case, Are they really happy ?, Although they said Yes, It was a NO. Some of them said, I love my Career, but i hate Work (Does that make sense?)

Happiness is what we look for, thats got different names now., Can i call it "Achievement"? or shall i sarcastically call it "Greediness" ?, i can call it as many names as i want. Whatever names i give to it, all leads to a single simple thing..... "A race, with no finishing point..." Achievements/Greediness can never be satisfied, do you think it can be ? Atleast, this little mind says, it cannot.......

Now, this may sound a little weird..., off late, had seen a movie, it was an old Malayalam movie, and could not just stop admiring the people. It had characters in the hospital being treated for being mentally ill. They had a limit to all that they thought, They greed was limited, and Achievements ?, I thought they had a small vision and was easily gettable (Even according to what they were going through).

Apparently, life wasn't too good to them, but somehow, i felt, they were better off than what i was. My search for happiness was still on, and few people like them had already attained it. For a moment, i really wished, I was like them!

There is not a doubt that many would find it wierd and can very well oppose to my thoughts.. For a moment, lets be away from work & stuff... be a simple sample human with all emotions.. ask yourself, when was the last time that you had a hearty laugh, when was the last time that you whole heartedly cried (Crying makes you feel better at times). Life has just become a cycle that you follow, many of our BPO Folks have got things upside down, They go for dinner during the noon and has Lunch break at night.

"The world stands in need of liberation my lord... It still has to learn to love, The blind and deaf, the dumb and the maimed, all need to feel a healing touch..." This was verse of a hymn that i learned in my skool days, but am just thinking, who is the "Chosen One" to provide that healing touch ? We have people around who has Eyes, but refuse to see and ears who refuse to hear. All of us search for messengers to Heal the world and make it a better place to live in, but none take an initative to do it. Just like, everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.

Well, Probably, am turning out to be a Manoj Knight Shyamalan, Not that i am turning creative like him, but dont know how to end this blog. However, shouting out something at the end of it., Dont run for SLA's/EOD/Target/Money leaving behind whatever you felt would keep you happy, all the above takes tedious terrains to get there and by the end, when you reach there., you are not in a position to be there.

Yesterday is gone, Today is yours, Tommorrow may never ever come.... so Live life the king size with whatever you have.

And lastly, if you find happiness, do let me know how and where to search it.....