Shudd up & Walk...

The time ticking 5.06am on my computer's right hand corner that gives me enough reason to sleep, but here i am doing something, that i shouldn't be doing. I'm gone Insomniac.

My basic problem is that i dont have a problem, but then why with the sleep thing ? I guess i am working too hard and my mind is full of WORK (hope my manager comes across my blog). I had also been thinking (from past many weeks, which adds upto months and year maybe) that i have to start exercising, so that i am fit enough to have a good baby sleep.

I took this as a challenge really and made sure that i give a start to it. Last sunday, turned out to be the show starter and it ended there itself. I'd a brisk walking for almost 6kms. Not a bad one to begin with. But there were a lot of things that kept me going for the next round at the park where i went for this walk. Oh yea, guessed it right, some bhavras and few flowers!!! The observant me, didn't really have much time to gasp....

First things first, why do people round the park as if they're in the temple ? i am always fond of rounding right to the left, which is precisely opposite of what people walking from left to right! If so the case, I guess, they even gotta remove their footwears.. Kids.., Awesome! for the first few minutes only, later the parents are annoyed with what they see. The kids dont give them enough space, for those who say, its not true... Wake Up! have one of your own.

Those flowers and bhavraas (bee).... love to see you like this, But u see.., am alone and am on a walk mission., All i could satisfy myself was by saying, See his brotherly love for his sister., Wow! Gives me a break ;) . The mystery becomes terrible when you see a change in skin tones, Like a Chinki Flower with a Kannadiga Bee, Seems like the guy loves his step sister as much as his own sister.

I wonder, what does the newly wed couple have so much to speak in the park for the talking that they do prior wedding over the phone, post wedding in the bedroom and for some even talking that the neighbours hear. Yet, the whole lot comes on a sunday eve to spend their so called useless evening to be asking each other... "So... What do u think ?" Dude, Whatever i think, do i have a choice ???

Whats up with the little vendors who walk along on the park? The most amazing thing that they need to be taught is BASICS OF MARKETING, if thats only a subject. I am not making it complicated, but then, would you mind change on purchasing anything that they sell by each extra round that you take ? And especially when its not water ? Enough is enough, what crime has your readers done to be tortured by your walk stories ? Just Shudd up & Walk !