Prespective.... Changes the entire way you look @ things...

<--- Look at this image, What do you see the person is doing ?? He is for sure Climbing a mountain, Firstly is it a HE or SHE ? and then, Is he/she half way up or half way down ? Keep the answer to yourself, But i am not sure, if our answers are in sync..

A moment we all enjoy, The light shade of sun, but looking at this image, do we know if the sun is dimming upon us or is it just going to be any brighter ?? In short, Can i call this as a Sunrise or is it a sunset ?? ---->

What does these images have in common ? No, am not really pointing towards the image of SUN, I've nothing to do with solar energy at the moment. But the only thing common between the two is each one of is, our prespective to look at things.

We are so big think tanks, We usually analyse much more than what we are really supposed to.! A gesture from a stranger too is at times enough for us to starting thinking a little more! This is such a common thing now., We meet different people at our work place, while travelling, Few of us get close as friends, and when their prespective doesn't match ours, the issue begins.

Mathematicaly, Only PLUS and PLUS can be PLUS, or it has to be MINUS and MINUS that makes a PLUS. Now off maths, We are humans and stumble in findings of these pluses and minuses. Although we try to look at something with the same prespective that your buddy looks at, you may not find it on the success list all the while, In that case, if u're buddy is good enough, ask him/her to look at the thing in your way, If it clicks, you're in a Sync..

But why all these gyaan ? You have a best way out., TO EACH ONE THEIR OWN, we can end up saying this., How does my prespective matter to you ? It does matter..., because behind different prespectives, there's only ONE TRUTH.

Your way of looking at a single thing does not change the truth itself. When I say "I HATE YOU", It also means that I DONT LOVE YOU, but the truth is its just not limited to I DONT LOVE YOU, but i mean a step further. Now back to those Images, Those who said that was a sunset, I am sorry to say that, i got that result on search for "Sunrise", Now to those who said, the person is he or she, i've no clue.... Nor do i have a clue if he/she is half way up and half way down.

I'm stumped...! Does this theorotically mean that we dont have an answer to everything we see ? The best of people have failed in giving the simplest of answers.... only then probably... "To Err is human and to forgive is divine." Divine may or maynot forgive, but i hope atleast we human can forgive for possibly everything.

However, in cases as such, when you get the same answers on adding and subtracting, try adding or subtracting it again..., you're answer is likely to be validated.

See you... Till next time.,

Wanna Sin Less ?? I've an answer.....

Its been almost good 5 years since i moved in from mumbai, There were many moves made, Looking for greener pasture, Bid a farewell to few those who always nagged and so on and so forth. Between all the jamela of moving to a different city altogether, the only thing i really cherish upon was the fact that...., "I WILL SIN LESS".

Not that i used to SIN so much in mumbai., but if given an option to sin less, why not accept it with ARMS WIDE OPEN! Whats in Bangalore thats not in mumbai, which would help you sin less ? If you're gonna less pubbing/clubbing and if only they were considered sinning, thats wrong, bangalore has equally the same or more number of pubs than mumbai OR was it going to be the stinky massage that i get in the local trains of mumbai thats different from bangalore ? But hows that related to not sinning.

Hmm... Bangalore the waterfall of alochol...., Thanks to Vijay Mallaya and the Karnataka State Government. Boose..... Tell you what, This is the gateway to heaven. Not 2 hours from landing at Bangalore did i find myself sitting down with a mugg in my hand. Drink drink till your drop, the competition is just between you and yourself, if its the head or the face.., There's a little phase that you gotta careful, Its from the moment that you start with the first peg and till the moment, you can take the last sip, This is paradise, and you dont reach paradise till the time that you can still hold on to your glass. I think thats the reason they say, "Drink till you drop".

There's tips and tricks for the beginners.... Go with it in a single shot., Shut your eyes and nose and gulp it down and then you'll find "Talli hoke girne se... samji humne gravity... " You'll be in a world of your own, nothing too far little than " Alice in Wonderland ".

When admist the scenario, you become an actor, who acts so fluently and trust me, this is no acting, You are yourself, the emotional yourself. Emotions flow off like opened water tap, you can freely express love for someone, hate for yourself. Confidence is always on high, i had a friend of mine, who also wanted to kick the clieing fan and actually tried it, falling on his head., luckily he didn't injure much. We had a laugh of a lifetime with his stunts and after that, he wanted to kiss all of us, you know the same like Sukhi in RDB.., "tune meri jaan bachayi hai" sort off!! Its the NO SIN MODE. You'll sleep and sleep and sleep to glory, Sleep like there is no tomorrow, no day after tomorrow, and not a Monday, (usually it all begins on a friday night).

Another incident with a friend of mine was something like this., He went out and boosed!, He boosed till he was almost down.., and wasn't really able to wake up, somehow, he managed to called me up... "Dhinu, Am sorry buddy, I am in no position to stand, Please come and pick me up..." I replied, "No Probs Tom, Tell me where you are, and i shall pick you up... " for which i get a response...... "I DONT KNOW WHERE I AM....... " how innocent..., isn't it ?

Seemed like I was adversting brand Alchol all this time, before i am at the verge of hitting the floor with my head or face, let me ask you, who sins while sleeping ? Virtually no body. So giving it a thought ?? Do you wanna quit boosing or wanna low sinning ? Would you want to follow me? If yes, do give me a ring, we can sit down... jabb milenge 3 yaar, Hum, Tum aur Bagpiper...

C Ya!

Lonliness.... the way to be yourself. :-)

Hey, Can you guess what did Sarkaar Raj, Dasavathaaram (Tamil), Sex and the city, Rock on, and few more movies have in common ? I'm sure, it would not ring a bell. I watched all of these all alone. Now, dont you morons think that i was alone in the entire theatre. Ambanis and Tata's still did not manage to adopt me.

Do you wanna read the heading all over again ? I said, Lonliness.. the way to be yourself :-). I'd absolutely no issues giving out those hiccups laugh and cry (when needed) when i was all alone. Although its fun, you did not want to be "Talk of Time" and teased later. Being teased for those hiccup laughs could be managed, but teasing for crying makes others feel that you are so bloody sensitive.

I never thought about this, when i went out for these movies, It used to be late night shows on fridays that these movies were watched. The only reason why i used to go late night was, while returning, i could push those speed on my bike and moreover sleep like a pig till saturday noon. Now that i spend time all alone in a cosy comfortable room 5000 miles away from home do i remember that i was "BEING ME", without any obstacles.

Have you ever tried speaking to yourself ??? For a start, you can do that infront of the mirror, not to feel awk, the reflection would be listening and imitating you! Later, try it when no one is around. Trust me, this is the best feeling that you would ever have! You are your best friend, not the best of friends can replace the friend YOU!

I've not lied to only 1 person in the world, If my mom is reading this, she would be jumping with joy thinking, its her.. She doesn't need to be happy, it wasn't her., it was me, myself. Even the best of best people think that one should spend some time all alone. A little piece of advice to all my fellow collegues & friends (of course, muft mein), get involved in activites like diary writing (A good way to peek into what happend today) and moreover, it gives you some time to be alone. Go for a long walk, You've enough time to speak to yourself and believe me you'll feel so so good.

I guess, I am too high on Vitamin I (me, myself), but i strongly feel thats the way to go about. Atleast you're not making a mockery of yourself by not being you!!

“Pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for, great enough to die for.”

Lost of Luv,

Lots of luv or Lost of luv..

All of us are familiar to the world of email, we've got so many ways to begin and end our mails. Even the 'MEOW' from Jaane Tu ya Jaane na, seems to be a style to begin an email. I'd a common way of ending emails by saying "Thanks and Best Regards / Dinesh" when official and "Lots of Luv/Dhinu!" when a personal mail.

Off late, when i was ending an email (of course a personal one), i ended up writing, "Lost of Luv/Dhinu!", This mail being a personal one, came back with question "Dhinu, Why lost of Luv ? GF ne ditch kiya kya ?" For a moment i thought, "Kaun si ?" and i replied, "Kuch nahi yaar... Typo tha...".

A silly little mistake, and the meaning itself was changed. But was really worth putting a thought, Hmm... Lost of Luv., It seemed as if an Omen speaking out, but through finger tips this time. :-) So began to probe myself, Lost of luv ??? ????? ??? ??? ??? ???? ???? ????? ???? ???? ???? ?? (And few more question marks). I believed love never existed (As its abstract in nature, can't be found so easily.).

So, once again, back to basics, I thought i'll ask google, but as it did to my search for "Happiness", it would be giving me a thousand million results. I was in the office, I wasn't sure some search result would be pointing to Calm-A-Sutra, the art of making love. I didn't want to be sacked so soon, hence decided not to ask google., As it is, there was life before google and answer to all these questions before google & wikipedia.

"Love", an undefined pain, isn't it actually selfishness ?? When you start loving something/someone, isn't it because you love yourself more than someone/something ? The greed for yourself makes you thrive for IT (could be anything). The best of all, you never notice that someone else is bothered by your selfish attitude.

In all these tumble of Love, Hate, Desire, Hope etc (pls note, all of these are abstract), I decided to be emotionless. I wont react to anything and shall hold it all within myself (this dont include the badwords that i give to my project manager & murmers at the deadlines.) Now maths time, if Love = Selfish, can i conclude Hate = Generosity ? Strange maths........ Isn't it ? But isn't it quite better than the tax calculation that we do during the end of a financial year ?

Oops..., Strange things passing my mind. We pray for each and everything, Not all prayers are answered, Is it just coz, gods do love us that he is selfish on giving us whatever we want ? Maybe or may not be. I am very satisfied with the calculation that i made, I shall go ahead and stick to what the Omens had to tell me, Next time if you receive a personal mail from me and If i were to conclude it saying "Lots of Luv", do mind, it was a typo. I truely wanted it to be "Lost of Luv"

Until my omen strikes again,
Lost of Luv,

Only Changes are Constant in Life.....

"Only Changes are Constant in Life ". Two amazing words that you may want to remember when you think about a change, "Good Bye" and "Welcome". You may have to bid a good bye to best of things and not all coming along your way would be appealing, the call is yours to distinguish between HOT or NOT.

Some memories remain! Like healed wounds, it still has scars. Most of the time we forget all good things that happend to us, keeping in mind only about the bad. I unfortunately remember at the back of my mind that i'd done something terribly wrong to someone when i was a kid (7th std), it was too late when i realised that i've hurt that person so bad, luckily, i could find that person to apologise!! Why can't we human change to remember the GOODs and forget the BADs, so easy to preach, and yet so hard to practise., but then, we all still wish to be continuing the way it is, atleast for the sake of being called "HUMAN".

I'm carrying so many memories from the time that we spent in the boarding, I really cherish and look forward to those days again. I am sure, i would not see them again, but can visualise that it was all a good part of some lovely days and as if it all just happend yesterday. I cannot look at my friends as grown ups and not taller than me, coz they were short during the time we spent in the boarding.

Sometimes, parting away is so so difficult, when you are emotionally attached to someone/something. Boarding was my home away from home, and when i stepped into the boarding, never ever did i think that i would spend a good 8 years in the boarding, 8 years flew off like 8 months., I never realised when did my voice start getting a little more bolder and never ever thought that the common bell (time keeper bells) would never go off again in my life. It had almost become a habit that i would only wake up from my bed after i hear the common bell go off, life outside never had a common bell, but that little shakes and naggs early morning from mom. It says na.. Aadato ki aadato naa daalo, varna woh zaroorate bann jaate hai...(Dont make habit of habits, or it would become a need).

We at times have a great and unique way of saying "Good Bye", like my Chennai ODC people., I made sure that i pulled each and everyone's legs when i was there. I guess they had all the frustration at the back of their mind and did not want to spare me. They had an unique way of saying a "Good Bye" Unlike send off to others, they did not just decorate by face with cake, but they made sure that they smash it on my face, they did not even spare my head, you can watch this pic and guess, how did they facial my face. Believe it or not, at the end of it all, i was looking quite quite fairer. Wasn't that a great way to be sent off ? They had given me a loud message through the smashing that "Get lost you moron, you gave us enough.... "

Not so soon in my near life would i have to say a "Welcome" i suppose (Someone else should be keeping heart for me to say a welcome :P), but "Good Bye", thats gonna be as soon as in another 2 months. Hope and wish to carry on with more of Welcome's and less of Good Bye's. If at all life has got something special, it should soon be an end to good bye's and welcome's.

Now that I am almost heading towards the end of the blogs, I may have to utter out "Good Bye" for now and there's a loud and strong "Welcome Back to my site" message too. I shall update this site from time to time. Hopefully, i would never bring you to a brink, when you may have to say a "Good Bye" to this site. Only HOPES can keep one alive... :-)