A tale of States.

Man.., these state bifercation has blown the wits off me. I dont feel anything less than 5vi class se tez, I myself dont know how many states in does India as such have now. The only thing at risk here, if not anything else is the software called SAP (Software of Andhra Pradesh). What would happend to the 40K engineers who come out freshers with 3 working years experience from the engineering colleges there ?

After the split in the north, the split has finally re-hit the south before being hit a few decades. The software engineer in me, still cries for SAP. Should we split the company itself into SRS (Software of Rayalseema) and SAT (Software at Telengana) and so on ? If not anything else, I am also concerned about the desis settled in the US of A, They were asked to learn the language Telugu even before trying their hands on Microsoft of Java products. I hope they dont ask for a re-partition at onsite based on the location that they belong to now. Cheez! Take a break.

The cause of all this ? Mr. KCR, on his live-to-diet hunger strike, resulted in having a different state for as less as 7 lakhs people. Wow, If its only 7 lakhs that required to have a state, we may as well have as many states that we want in our own very metopolitan cities. i.e CST State, Thane State and Vasai State (in Mumbai) or Maybe a BTM Layout State, Malleshwaram State and of course, Vidhana Soudha state (i.e coz of few lakhs visiting the office everyday).

All in all, I am working my way out! Thats towards re-naming india. I am going on a sub-way hunger strike, I shall not eat anything else than Subs for having my country of states have a peculiar name from india to UUSI (Un-united states of India) or Should i also call it as United States of East ?

Whatever the outcome is, I am damn sure that, just like KCR, i am gonna shed some weight and you're contribution of a sub, would help me only stronger for the cause.!! Join me in saying, WE WANT UNITED STATES OF INDIA, JAI HO SUB!!