Impossible is 0(Nothing)

A Saying goes in malayalam which means out to be, Incase you hit a little on beauty, you start carrying ur umbrella even in the mid-night. For sure, when this saying was made, people had no access to a place like Norway, for sure!!

Last evening, We'd been having a photo session over an ICY lake, and ya, it was hard ice on the top layer of the lake and it was 8 pm before the sunset. Those in the northern part of Norway, doesn't have sunsets at all during the summer. Last few days have argueably been happy days of my life!

I'm at this part, considered too abnormal, rather too bad to be an Indian and too good to be a Norwegian. Thats also probably because of the contrast that i have with my collegue here. Most people who visited this specific client were pure vegeterian (For few, eggs are vegetable too). People here were just amazed to see an Indian eating Beef, Ham and shrimp, rather than the daily comers, who stick to salad and depend on the rabbits food for survival and crib each day about the food, yet gets the daily lunch bill to 150 Noks (150 x Rs. 8) approx.

Further more, the guy is too terrible to be an Indian who often has a strike and spare when out on a bowling!! This was probably not expected off an Indian after 2 pint of beer!! My collegue had was accompanied by a norwegian person when went to pick up the drink and he stated, Pepsi isn't his choice. Good that people get to know me much before they actually can. After all the action, it was the eating time. I had a little Indian left in me, hence decided never to have a half boiled or a raw red meat.....

But as the title reads.., Impossible is nothing, My manager lured me to have SMOKED HAM (note: They were only smoked, not cooked), with salads and soya sauce, but it something close to a Tatar ( If that gives any clue about it.

Enough of all the Norway, Back to where i belong. I'm quitting my job as soon as i reach there and heading straight for Kochi!! Indian Paisa League strikes kochi too, and by the way, There are going to be surprises after shreeshanth would be ELECTED as the captain of the team.

S T R I K E soon to follow in the IPL....

Till the days of Norway gets over.,

Lots of Luv,

The sand and the snow..!!

Off late, i heard a friend of mine, settled at dubai talking about the snow fall there.. Wow., that happend in Egypt too.. How does it matter to me, I am a part of Bangalore, which has never seen and hopefully will never see the snow fall.

I changed loyalties! And the new one to whom i should be loyal to, asked me to move on to a snow filled area., where there is less sun, more snow and ice!!! The only place where i was shouting for ice was at the waiter, waiting at bhagini for the drink that used to please my friday!.., Between the fri (es), it was ICE and a bit HOTs too.. mixed emotions.

So... am here, a little far away from my home! There is nothing Indian about the place that i stay, but a lot Paki, Sri Lanka and a little bit of iran and afghanistan too. I wonder, why do people cross over borders ?? I was really amazed, not to find a single mallu so far.... thats how they say, that there has to be a mallu wherever you go!!... Probably, i take help of the mirror myself. I'll atleast find one!!

The temperature has been treating me negatively, oh yes, negative to the core, sometimes even to the double digits.. :), But precisely towards the end of winter and beginning of summer., It hasn't gone to the upper digits.. Whats it like to be over here ? absolute crap., thats coz, back there at home,there's something called as IPL 3 gone "ON AIR". With you tube delaying video by 5 mins, I dont really feel the pinch, which is far far better than calling or emaling a friend of yours back home to know if your team (MI it is) to have faired well ??

Between, the kroner and the noks (the currency system here)., I'd also been asked to walk! Oh yea, the post AB effect.., Walk when you talk, Walk N talk, talk n Walk.... but here., its silence.. There is a company to walk, but tedious, or probably that extra workout..! Walking in the snow is a little more difficult than walking in the plain roads of bangalore/mumbai. As per my memory goes, it was the same effect when walking in the sand..! It was at the tedious best.., so what do i learn out of here ? Snow or Sand, the effect are both the same.!! Yeh, Saala hamesha beech waale hi faste hai..!

Signing off for now...! with a lot of Norwegian song in my next blog..!!

Lost of Luv, (jaane kaha gayi woh).,