Commercialization, yet again...

Where was i this long? i'd just gone missing., so missing that i even googled to search myself, the reply came back saying.., no results found.... Cheez.!!

I was working and working and working, like fasting between meals :) Off late, i had a terrific project, and this was OUT OF THE BOX thinking. hmm.. you'd seem to be quite amazed, out of the box thinking.., and its been assigned to this moron ? huh..., stop that lousy thoughts, its not gonna get you or me anywhere.

The project came from a mega millionaire organization. The organization which has a wood and log behind it and is preceded with many like holly, bolly, kolly, tolly and many more which i am not even aware of. The post recession, when the actors and actresses started charging less for movies and films, came another dilemma how would you earn a bit (a lot) more.

As i'd always been working as a consultant, they approached me. Consultants have a unique mind, quite too much for the OUT OF THE BOX thinking., and then as it is, we were talking about an idiot box, but this time with an unique and strange idea. I was thrown open the entire ocean to think, but at the end of it all, all they needed was money.

Me, being an Internet freak, and even more into watching cricket., decided to implement an idea called the ticker on the movie screens... huh, anything great ?? nope, not at all. But, the copy cat me had an idea of google's ad sense behind the back of my mind. Strangely, but not amazingly, Aamir was my mentor, and hence decided to pick one of his movie Ghajini, for a start. Being a pilot project, its implementation would have had me just going ahead testing the idea..., so then, i started with analysis and requirement gathering and when almost done with the waterfall model design, decided to implement my project. If not for the entire movie, would have the ticker running for the highlighted scenes of the movies. Luckily, to grab people's attention to the pilot project, I'd also included some puppet shows, political statements & whatever i could do it make it a success.

This is how it went... I'd a database of all the advertisements available in the market and let my program pickup the advertisement based on the scene.

Scene 1 : Aamir on the fight with Ghajini's gundaas, the ticker shows " Gandhiji's Anti violence message..."

Marvayega mera ad sense.. :), But still did not give up hope....

Scene 2: Aamir gets down from his private jet and there's a little ticker rolling down the screen saying... "When was the last time, that you did something for the first time... Emirates, Keep Flying"
Good... Its working to an extent...

I did not want to watch the entire movie, because, i'd already spoiled my new year day, going for this movie. Hence, put the movie on a Fast Fwd mode, but amazingly, my code worked in the fast forward mode too... JLM (Just Like Me).

Scene 3: When Asin says, "There is no network coverage, Dabba phone hai...." and the advertisement below pops... " For ~hello~ better ~hello~ network coverage ~hello~, Switch to~hello~ Tata Indicom". Aamir wouldn't have been too amused with it, nor Aircel was, That's because, they'd close relations with "AIR"

Scene 4: The police officer locates Aamir's place to find the map of mumbai... Gosh, this is where google really showed its skills.... "TRY GOOGLE MAPS, Easy and Convenient..." it said. I was speechless, Who wont be ?

Scene 5: Asin is hiding in her new house and the gundaas searching for her all around and just about to leave the house when Asin's mobile rings.... and the bottom of the screen pops.. "Choose your Ringtone Wisely... The Zoo Zoo feeding the crocodiles.... " that was a killer one.. ;)

In between all these scenes., there was ads of Red Label, Domex, Benz, Converting autos to CNG etc being played...., but the last of the least was...

When Aamir, hits our Ghajini with the Iron Rod.... The Message displayed.... " Natraj Pencils.... Aur yeh raha Sixer...., out of the boundary " followed by Sachin saying.... " Boost is the secret of my energy...... Dhoni Joins along..... O U R - E N E R G Y "

Till my project gets approved...!