Republic day or a Long weekend ??

Even before 10 days of the republic day, i am receiving mails relating to 26th January. Is that from a friend or a Desh Bhakt ? NO.., its from This site has sent me autoreminders asking me to book tickets early as its a long weekend.

They were too good, I wonder how did they get hold of 3 of my email addresses (1 being official), but made sure the 'Dinesh' does not run out of ticket :-), Thank you redbus team.

Now, 26th of January last year fell on a saturday, I could hear many along with myself cribbing.., huh, we missed one off day as it fell on the weekend.. :'(. So whats it with Republic & Independence days these days ? Although, we'd seen many venting out frustration on the 26/11 attacks and did a real lot (through SMS,Blogs,Mails) to bring our netas down, I can shamefully say that, we are celebrating a long weekend and not Republic day really.

No Travel Agency/Website throws an offer 'A walk with freedom fighters' or 'Tribute to our brave soldiers', But there is a 3day 2night holiday stay at an extra cost, for which amazingly there are even more grabbers.

Many thanks to all our TV Channels, To bank upon all these non-holiday goers, they do cast out few Desh-Bhakt movies with 1.5 times more Ads to increase their TRP.

All in all, Make Paisa out of anything and everything thats possible., leaving aside the emotional side of desh prem and desh bhakti, had i been into any of the business relating to anything above, I too would have been the same. 'THANK YOU' god, Atleast for now, I am out of this. But, atleast for this time of the year., I would atleast make sure that i make my presence felt on the republic day.!

A Proud Indian!

Recession N Me!

This should have come off too early, but i did not know how did recession hit me, i wasn't really effected, Even then or even now, i only fill petrol for Rs.100, Eat the same lunch from our office cafeteria,The phone bills are the same and almost everything is intact, except that mom came up of some weird idea called "MARRIAGE" aka wedding, ya phir shaadi...

Thats recession for me..., Now, this is a great gamble, dont you feel so ? Its as good as tossing a coin up in the air and "Watch N Wait" till it comes down and the whole of tension for a second to see if its heads or tails. But, As this being so sensitive, I wanted to have a reality show for choosing a bride (Almost everything is on reality shows now.., why not important stuff like choosing a gal for marriage...)

Now, that i was trying to gather paisa for conducting that reality show, I wanted to advertise.... "Wife Needed.... Would be tested before being booked..." wont show too much of a turn out., hence decided to go to our roadies judges (Raghu N Rajiv). I wanted them to help me get this issue fixed... Stumped ?? simple...., The ones who goes through the roadies interview are the strongest of people i guess., I wonder, whats so good in being ULTRA BAD..., Like the so called R O A D I E S.! It seems ROADIES need to be mentally strong, physically fit and all of them are born winners there., not to mention the all of them are too high on make up and none of them forget to use words like "Yo, Macchi...", " Dude... (Du-Yu-De)"!! MC and BC and the F word is just another fashion statement... and those who doesn't say these words are 1. Thrown out from Roadies 2. Insane F****** creatures on earth. 3. You dont have the F****** right to be alive ;).... Maaf karna.!

Tell you what, I wonder why are our cops wasting time interrogating the Kasab guy, They should have very well handed him over to these roadies judges, We could have saved time on brain mapping and narco analysis sessions... and also our pak officials could have seen his interrogation on M TV and deny that they dont have enough evidence!

Oops.. roadies are getting us off track..! Recession hai.., and marriage on mind., Thanks to Roadies ke side wala bakda... (hope there is some turn out there...!!) and the interview goes to the first one who was amazingly made to wait for a longer time as she was the only one.....

1. The typical HR Question..., "Tell me something about yourself......"A. The babe on the opposite side... (She's sitting on the chair, as if she's sat down to do yoga on the chair....)
I'm Super cool, had been a bitch in the college, Had been dumped by a guy, and 2 for an eye is what the world follows, so i dumped
(Although it was a sentence answer, it was even heavier than an essay...)

2. The second question, Almost Blank.. so empty... I'm no Raghu taking her interview..., Still recovering from the first question's answer, " Why do you think, you landed up to this interview...."
A. Hmm..., I thought this was gonna be another version of roadies... Called Beddies..., What??..., I screamed..., "I understand you're a s/w engg, and would be away on business visits, Hence thought i would be good for the specified post...." She said.

Gaining cousiness.... Thanks to the Bisleri provided on the bhakda..., Although it was for advertisement, such answers can even get you asking for "Amul Chaas".I saw me slipping off the interview seat.., Out of the almost 10-15 interviews that i've attended for jobs, wasn't anywhere like this., Thank god, mom wasn't sitting beside me..,. trying to test her very own... wud-be-daughter-in-law.... But then, what else can you expect, they are the R O A D I E S!!

Thanks M'am.... It was great speaking to you, I wasn't just sweating, but i can't believe i interviewed the first one left with no strength to interview the 2nd... (As it is, there was only one sitting)

I walked upto a friend of mine, Sim, Do you wanna try ? You can try for guys from here....,
Sim's a sport, "Why not ?? Mein tho sabki bajaoongi..." Let me.., Now for the gal she is, I was sure that the waiting bench would squeeze in for more than 3.

The Scene....
A Skinny one walks in.., Has worn a sleeves tee.. and a torn jeans, haven't combed.., sparks a million dollar smile... But not sure if he's brushed for years and years together... but walks in with great attitude., Pulls the chair in, turns it around with his chin on the backrest....

Sim... surprised..., "How have you been.... Ra...Raj... "
A. "I'm good..., Ain't too long since i walked without a guitar in my hand...."

Q. " Wow, thats great... so you're a rock star...."
A. ."Naah..., I just pose with it..... "

Q. What do you expect out of your future bride. ?
A. NOthing much, she should not question me, let me hangout with my gfs, party all day long and should not call me during busy working hours...
I was happy that she, like Raghu, did not say, "Mein tera baap hoon" and all that shit !!

Q. And those busy working hours are.....
A. 11pm to 4 am., unless selected for roadies..

Q. Have you thought about settling down ? A. Oh yes, We can settle down wherever you are working., I can party anywhere...!!
Sim, had few more questions left.... but, the guy started questioning....

Q. Do you common middle class gals always have so many questions ? A. All sim could manage to reply.... " I think, I shudn't waste much time and call for the next.... "
C ya babe...!!

Scene 2.... Oops, the 2nd Interview..
Q "Hey there.... Nice to see you..," ( Of course nice, With eyes of Ajit Agarkar and face, even cuter than Ranbir Kapoor) Almost shouted to me.., Duh., are you in between to take few more interviews ??
A. "Hey Sim, I never knew, a gal has replaced Raghu and Rajiv for roadies...." he said.

Q. "Nahi tho...., yeh roadies ka interview nahi hai...., By the way, you look too cute... "
A. Thanks Madamji.., I've just passed out of +2 (PU kehte hai Bangalore mein).

Q. " Beta.... Roadies banane ke liye kam se kam license ki zaroorat hoti hai.... and so do i expect to become my groom... Chal foott...."
A. Madamji... Future ki practise karr raha tha....

Sim was as amused as she could be.... And these series of questions went on as i walked offf...

"hey, hws it goin? Did u fnd 1 ? " I SMSed..., " Naah... nuthin gr8.." She replied...

Yaar... That was a great hope.., To find one between the toughest of people, But none upto the expectation of a common middle class... So take off from the reality show and depend on our broker, yes., the marriage broker..., the same one who holds a bag in hand and an umbrella under his arms.....

Say it the bad time or utter bad luck when came the news of the company cutting down the salary by a 20% and no increment this year.,. Any middle class person would not want his wife to work, but would still want to keep her as happy as she can be, but only work, if she's getting bored sitting at home. But now that the saala re (Salary) has come down by a 20%, i better put a condition to our broker saar that the bride should atleast be working to make up for the 20% and if anything more, it would be a welcome!!

Haaye Raam.... Recession ne muje badalne parr majboor karr diya...!!

Till next time!!

Luv, Dhinu!