Inn-Suvarance magik...!!

Off late, I'd been too worried about my assets. I was running head to toe to cover all that i have. In a matter of time, i found that apart from insurance, i needed some clothes too. Good one for a PJ, i should say.

The world of 'J's have something great to insure. Yea, i was referring to the asset that they posses. Jennifer and John have something in common. They're planning to cover insurance for their booty!!! Wow, has anyone else thought about this insurance, not a common man for sure. No wonder, why does common people always remain common.

With the customized insurance plans for BUTT (Salman Butt of PCB is just amused as he is thinking insurance for the single digits on the scoreboard)., many top executives of MNCs have started investigating and researching upon what would be covered under BUTT Insurance. What possibly could go wrong ? and if at all anything at all went wrong, how is it to be made up ? Some found a potential money minting thing with John's pechvada whereas some ladies have already been taking course to be an Investigating Officer to Claims settling officers, ALL WITH A HOPE....!!

Now, All this was a great affair between offices. If nothing goes wrong with his butt and if it were to stop growing or show ageing signs, It wasn't of the company's concern and would have a good amount under their kitty for nothing bad. Yaar.., I never thought of such prospective business plan. No wonder, i am still nothing in the world of marketing... sob sob sob....

If alls not well, There was someone else who had been shown the door to all the Insurance companies that he visits. Yes, Mr. Suresh Kalmadi was given (kaal-addi, which means kicks in mal) and have been shown the door to all the insurance companies that he visits. Due to the networking factor, many companies even had his thumb impression sent across their different branches and have been asked, not to even entertain him in their premises.

Finally, some ABC Insurance, Who weren't been paying salaries to their employees from the past 6 months decided to give it a go. That is, they still feel that CWG would be a great success and they wont have to spend a pie on his insurance. For a change, someone asked Kalmadi, how much would he liked to be insured for ?? Wow, it was a whopping Rs. 550 Crores (Excuse me for the new rupee symbol). Thats not it.... I heard Shiela Dixit has signed an endorsement contract with the same company for the same insured amount. For sure, someone is to benefit out of it.

Now, god knows whats coming up next ? People wants to insure all their assets...., Heard that the pope has brought a new hat..... Any takers for it ???


Anonymous said...

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