Ever heard Shadows ?? The song Bachelor Boy!! I still remember having learnt in my boarding school days. It was a little reminder to that as i've been increasing on the age side..

Not far behind were those days, I used to check the daily weather on www.weather.com. Being in a sub-continental environment now, I never have to keep a check on weather. We almost know how its going to be. There would not have been any drastic changes anyways. However, off from weather, its Whether now.

On the lighter side, its much about weighing your capacity and capability with some stranger and giving a fair reply to yourself, Whether.... Have really not got much options, So its either YES or NO. Being in the darker gender category, I wasn't supposed to doing an emosanal atya4 to myself. This sex was supposed to be stronger mentally and physically. Thats what you are accessed upon too.

The ones who says, Mard ko dard nahi hota... Think over., Did you see A. Gyaan cry after Ghana losing to Uruguay ? Am sure he wont be crying for publicity, Esp.. When you missed a penalty at the final minutes of extra time. Also, am not reminding which other mard to ask, if there is a real dard that he had.. ;)

A little did my friend know, and he was confused about whats wrong with these guys who shows their three fingers, The Little finger, the pointer finger and the thumb. He was much more a cricket follower than the rock man. He very wagely remembers Greg Chappel showing some gestures to the Indian media after a little spat with dada. For a photograph, where all of them showed the 3 fingers, he just managed one and that too the biggest one. Probably, that was his attitude towards life.

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