Foot - ket..!

I was here..., But just lost track!! As the title reads, if its on my mind, its in here..!! But what happens when your mind is totally empty, You just dont have enough reason to reach this space. Thats just not it. The fights between the Europe and South/Latin America had hit India too.., But it was a silent killer, only killing sleep of the youngsters and Peace of the elders.

Between all these, the city discovered many more new would be football commentators, some expert opinion came by, the controversy of using technology in football which was widely agreed by British and fairly opposed by the Germans. Some expert opinion came by the streets of BTM Layout asking Rooney to "Shoot 1st Time" and Lampard to "Pfhaas" the ball.

Fairly, Paul was the winner always. In short, he overheard some of them going to go off clothes incase their teams won. He was doing his bit to the humanity. A well deserved victory to the stingy Spain whose win was a Pain to the Holes (Holland). Thanks to holland for the kick boxing on the field and also to the refree who had his share of exercises and also creating history for the most number of cards awarded.

The reporter hasn't lost the hangover of football as he has joined many mailing groups on social networking sites like the FB and Orkut. He changed loyality in between the WC from the whites and blue to the Oranje. He was awaken by a legend as he made way out of cricket! Yes, Murali retired today with 800 victims in his kitty. Hope he would still continue playing, if not on the cricket pitches, atleast at the mumbai pitches.. ;)

He was also awakened by the little known fact to all of us that, our neighbours pak's envy and our pride. The Kasab guy, headley and all together doing a post mortem of the 26/11 attack, while few mumbaikar have lost hopes that these culprits would ever be punished.

Back to happenings in personal life... The football fever has left behind the routine of 2am sleep and 9 am alarm followed by snoozes for the next half an hour. As the snoozes are over, a rush to the office to continue where one began at 2 am and hoping for the 9am snooze all over again. While the rain gods have been stingy to Bangalore, he's been more than kind to mumbaikars once again. Hope he cries a bit at Bangalore too.

I'll for sure read the news papers and minds of few and get back to my observing best to dribble something here.. Oops.., did i just write dribble ?? i meant scribble..

Lost Of Luv,

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